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    Finally Turned system on....

    Thank you Bretts. You have got answers for everything.... :) Great resource to this forum. Since yesterday I',m seeing random pattern, I will give few more days to see if thats the case. Ok.... will call then next week to grant more access. BTW, i purchased inverter extended warranty for 25...
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    Zigbee and ethernet at the same time..

    Today I got solaredge account activation email from Tesla. And I logged into solaredge App first time , and it has data for today. I never connected ethernet cable and it shows data. That means, Tesla has opened up and sharing some data with solaredge. It's getting better.... However, mine is...
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    Finally Turned system on....

    Thanks albertm3 for your suggestion. I'm going to buy extended warranty. It's been a week and seems system is performing well. Average daily prod is 23.5 kwh for 5.1kw. I also monitored actual meter readings and seems correct. However, My Tesla App still shows graph with peaks and valley. After...
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    Finally Turned system on....

    Hi albertm3, I did not request anything. They decided on their own. But it doesn't hurt to ask for it. EDIT: on sizing, with 15 panels and just one day of data, Now I'm thinking 6k system would have been better. Personally I think, good idea to go 10-15% above your max usage. Do not want to...
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    Finally Turned system on....

    ok.... will call them tomorrow. This also means that production it shows may not be true nos. BTW.. all peaks and valley occur at 15 mins interval. peaks are at 1:15 , 1:45, 2:15.... and valley at 1:00,1:30, 2:00 , 2:30 I was able to move slide bar on graph and it shows time related to data...
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    Finally Turned system on....

    I see.... Thanks for pointing it out. Like I said my zigbee still shows "NO Signal". could it be because of that ? The valley and peaks seems to be at regular interval or some pattern. could it be because of internet connection, not sending data properly ?
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    Finally Turned system on....

    Here is 1st day of production.... not bad. 24.3kwh Few More questions... 1) My zigbee still shows "No Signal" . What should I see when it's connected ? OK ? 2) Tesla App shows only production nos. Is it supposed to show used ( or consumed ) nos as well ? 3) Is it because my zigbee is not...
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    Finally Turned system on....

    Yes... thanks wjgjr. PVwatts nos are under ideal conditions, which obviously we do not have. However based on current production nos, it seems close enough ( may be 20% down ) by end of month. But overall , it is behaving as expected.
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    Finally Turned system on....

    Hi All, Yesterday night I got approval from PGE. It took 4 Business days for PGE to approve since Tesla submitted all app. No issue... All good. Today morning turned system on at 8am. Then called Tesla ( talked to activation team ). She entered date and time when PGE approved. 10 mins call. And...
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    Solar Only Monitoring Options

    Hi, I'm still waiting for PTO. so do not know if I've powerblasters or not. However, would like to know more. 1)Are powerblasters and optimizers are same ? does not sound like one from above description. 2) How do you know if powerblasters are installed ? What to look for ? Thanks.
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    Steps after Installation

    lol.... ok got it. At least today Tesla submitted their Application to PGE. Signed PGE application via docusign.
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    Steps after Installation

    Yes... SFBayarea. ours was done on 9/30 as well. Next day was inspection and city Inspector gave all paper work to Tesla's Inspection team who is supposed to enter all docs in Tesla system. That's the part they are waiting. Entire week to get paper work entered seems like a big delay. Well, at...
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    Steps after Installation

    Very slow..... installation is completed since last 4 days and inspector gave all paper work in front of me. Now, Advisor says they are working on getting paper work into system and review. Then they will send it to PGE. I'm pretty sure PGE is not taking too much time, it's delay at Tesla's end.
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    How is the referral now working?

    I had the same question and advisor team member said, ref bonus comes in separate checks, not reflected in Invoice. what about with others ?
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    Actual vs rated production

    Sounds good. I've 5.1kw system ( 15 panels ) and panels are facing S and SE. I live in NorCal as well. Waiting for PTO. waiting to be surprised.... BTW, whats your inverter ? SE3600 ?

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