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    Software Update 2018.39.x (Version 9)

    Week 41, please.
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    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

    They have already upgraded newly manufactured S and the X.Check the site. I'm sure something will be out tomorrow.
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    1st Day Reservation Holders & Free Long Distance?

    I'm gonna go with the word "Day One" conspicuously placed on the vehicle somewhere.
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    New Self Driving Demonstration Video (Is Tesla Ahead of Schedule?)

    So, this commentary is about what the video didn't show you ("I can't see...I can't tell....I'm not seeing...I don't see.... You can't see....") and not necessarily about what AP 2.0 can't do?
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    Model S P100D becomes world's fastest car from Dec update !

    Often, I find that the persons who are quick to point out where a Tesla does not perform as well as {Insert car here}: Do not own either. Fail to recognize there are entire groups of people who race for the exact performance measure(s) that Tesla touts (1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 0-60 times). Fail to...
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    Model 3 in the Solar City announcement tonight

    I was wondering if that Model 3 (from last night) was still the prototype from before. The computer panel/screen was still protruding from the dash. I'm not so sure I like that setup.
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    "Even if you buy no options at all, this will still be an amazing car!"

    That cannot apply to everyone, equally. Some people need to take a break every hour, some people every 5-6 hours, some even more. We cannot assume that one person is less safe than the other solely on length of time behind the wheel. If that were the case, truck drivers would really be behind...
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    "Even if you buy no options at all, this will still be an amazing car!"

    My statement was in response to the 2 camps fighting over how a person takes a long distance trip (many stops vs no stops). It was not about automation.
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    "Even if you buy no options at all, this will still be an amazing car!"

    I often hear these arguments about what is better: driving 150 miles and stopping for 30 minutes or driving 600 miles with no breaks? Then I put my "reality hat" on (and I think others should to). Why does it matter.? There are MILLIONS of drivers on the road. There are certainly many of both...
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    P90DL Aftermarket Badge

    He can do whatever he wants. The car still does not define who he is. Regarding your question about the M-series, the same applies for those who wish to make it look something it is not. Self-esteem is not improved by pretending to be something you are not. Some would argue it does more damage...
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    P90DL Aftermarket Badge

    I guess because it is suggesting you are being dishonest in what vehicle you have. It would be similar to someone placing "Hellcat" insignia on a Dodge Challenger or Charger, that isn't. What's the point other than to make the vehicle look like something it is not? If you go through with it...
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    First Model X with 8.0

    Yeah. I stopped watching that guy's videos. He lost me with "Autopilot tried to kill me and my family, twice." Now please pardon whilst I go shut an avocado in my automatic window.
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    New Supercharger Location - Speculation/Prediction Thread

    What about Owings Mills, MD? They are opening a new store there.
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    Who has the boasting right to #1 updated to v8.0?

    Seeking Alpha??? I'm Sorry, But I Have NEVER Seen A website so blatantly attack a company with FUD ever, in the history of all mankind. Those "articles" are often nothing more than a veiled attempt at destroying the positive that Tesla is trying to accomplish. Some of those "authors" are so full...

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