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Recent content by HeatproofGenie

  1. HeatproofGenie

    Anyone switch from a 2018/9 M3LR to a 2021/22 M3P pr M3LR

    Taycan RWD. That said the latest model 3 is a huge step up from a '18. We just on Monday got a new LR 3 and it is by far the best put together one I've seen. Pretty polished now.
  2. HeatproofGenie

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    Picked it up. Yes to Matrix headlights. Best built 3, out of four I've used and three I've owned as well.
  3. HeatproofGenie

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    Picking our 2499xx in three hours, have been assured multiple times it has the Matrix lights. Just sold our early '22 for 58k to a local dealer!
  4. HeatproofGenie

    Lime Rock Park - 59.5!

    Nice time and nice driving. I know Lime Rock well from driving in iRacing. Good track.
  5. HeatproofGenie

    Are you planning to own post-warranty?

    We were planning on keeping past warranty as our original '18 had zero issues. Market for used cars made us sell and pick up another in January. Probably flipping again that car in a week for another 3 and making 4k. I wouldn't have a big worry keeping these cars long term. I think the...
  6. HeatproofGenie

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    My SA said our incoming car with 249xxx vin has matrix headlights.
  7. HeatproofGenie

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    Assigned a VIN now, 2499x. Haven't reached out to a SA yet to determine lights status but will at some point but good to hear might be matrix headlights.
  8. HeatproofGenie

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Nevermind I see some cars in Q2 2022 are being shipped with old lights.
  9. HeatproofGenie

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I thought LR 3 has been coming with Matrix headlights for awhile now? Not the case? What is being referred to here for someone who hasn't been following along?
  10. HeatproofGenie

    Second Tesla Considerations

    Girl magnet then for yours ;) In all seriousness though, 6 years is a long time from now for that scenario and maybe in that time I won't even want her pumping gas and honestly I hope gas isn't so subsidized and it will make more sense for young drivers to have old Leafs or Kona EVs, etc
  11. HeatproofGenie

    Second Tesla Considerations

    Partly because it could allow us to potentially go fully EV and hence sell the 4Runner. Additionally the Rivian has some pretty amazing suspension and seems like it can fulfill about 90% of peoples need for a sports car, sure no track car but for hustling back roads it seems to be that good...
  12. HeatproofGenie

    Second Tesla Considerations

    I'd probably look for a single motor Ioniq5 or Ev6 if it were me. Something that has more cargo capacity and qualifies for full fed rebate. Different situation in that we have two cars currently but one ICE, similarly though my wife and I would prefer to have each have an EV for day to day...
  13. HeatproofGenie

    Protecting My Baby

    Hail sucks. Good job protecting your car. Much better to just not have to deal with damage/insurance all around.
  14. HeatproofGenie

    New Service & Sales Center: Superior, CO

    Looks like they were able to salvage the steel framing at least.
  15. HeatproofGenie

    Any Differences in 2022 Model 3s between Q1 and Q2?

    Very early Q1 cars did not have Ryzen chip, 15v Li-Ion battery or the heated wiper dock. Main thing so far that I think could be different from Q1 to Q2 is double pane glass on rear windows however Tesla has not done that yet AFAIK.

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