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    Tesla Did not honor my referral code

    Similar story here. I believe my friend ended up getting the perks on his new car, but my only referral so far was not honored on my end. Never showed up and CS didn't seem interested in talking about it after the return period was over (he was pushing it and told him not to worry). Not a huge...
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    Opinion: FSD, Why you should not buy it.

    They did reverse the $2k sale, going back to $5k after a few weeks. But later in 2019, I think after increasing to $6k, they dropped the price back to $3k. It's kinda been all over the place, and might go down before going up again in the future IMO.
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    Poll: What was your total cost for AP/EAP + FSD?

    $5k EAP before delivery (early 2018) and $5k FSD after delivery (early 2019) = $10k total, before taxes. About as high as I've seen it in the US I think *nervous laughter*
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    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    It seems to be highly dependent on location, or other factors, if nobody has pointed this out. My 23k VIN Model 3 is still not ready in Indiana.
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    Lost FSD earlier this week

    And here when I accidentally purchased FSD early last year, at least a dozen different Tesla reps said that it was impossible to remove (tied to the vehicle config / vin) ...
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    Random unauthorized Full self driving capability upgrade

    I wonder if this sudden change in policy applies to those that tried to get a refund a longer time ago and failed (was trying myself Feb-May 2019). It's only $1k cheaper now instead of $3k off, and I did want FSD eventually I suppose, so I'm probably not going to try and do anything about it ...
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    Random unauthorized Full self driving capability upgrade

    Is the theory that there is no confirmation at all from the App? Or might it be possible that just some people are running into some sort of glitch (even if a lag, multiple registered clicks, thing)? When I unintentionally ordered on the website, it was a single click from the main...
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    Random unauthorized Full self driving capability upgrade

    They never suggested that to me, but that was a while back (a few dozen contacts / attempts Feb to May 2019). I suppose its good that they're at least suggesting that lately... FYI: I only didn't file a charge back because they promised a $1k refund that first day ($4k match to align with the...
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    Random unauthorized Full self driving capability upgrade

    I'm still kicking myself over not going through the bank when this happened to me last February. Haha. Glad you got it resolved!! Though I'm a bit disappointed that a charge back STILL seems like the only recourse here...
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    I don’t understand the obsession with FSD.

    I'm guessing the FSD obsession isn't just over making individual owner's commutes more relaxing/productive, but focused more on the whole robotaxi thing. Cars spend the vast majority of their life just sitting there, parked. It's inefficient in a lot of ways. If Telsa can figure that all out...
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    MASTER THREAD: all Smart Summon-related posts go here

    It's been much slower for me as well on 32.12.2. Like a good 2-3x slower.
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    Early M3P purchases

    The FSD after purchase price was $4k before late 2018, and then went to $5k (was $3k before delivery all that time if talking about that though). I know a few people who paid $4k for FSD a while back. When normal AP was released (March 2019), the EAP->FSD upgrade went to $3k (with a $1k refund)...
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    A post nobody asked for: How I'd handle the FSD problem (features, HW upgrades) for early adopters

    The only thing I think they should do, and better if they had did it from the start, is allow people to cancel unrealized/preordered features like FSD (the current case for those with EAP) and get their money back. Tesla would still get the benefit of the loan for that period. Nothing came out...
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    Seat back angle not saving?

    I just got the car back from the SC. They had expected to need to replace a vehicle controller (left side controller? Forgot the name but they had mentioned a left, middle, and right controller), but ended up fixing it via some re-calibration procedure.
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    [POLL] Why do you think Tesla is raising FSD by $1K November 1, 2019?

    That kind of depends on what group you're talking about. I ended up paying 2.5x the price to add FSD to my delivery-equipped EAP model 3 because I purchased a few days too early (went down a full $3k). It still would have been cheaper for me to buy today, 8+ months later, I believe. Sure felt...

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