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    Loud whine under hood

    yesterday i went into my garage and my model S was off and plugged in on a trip charge. There was a soft wlectricwhining noise I hadn’t heard before. It kind of sounded like the whine you get when the A/C is on all the way but a little different. I took our ICE on the trip, didn’t want to...
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    Service calls

    glad it’s not just me. I had lots of problems and they seem to have fixed them about a year ago but i am getting more disenchanted with Tesla with this kind of stuff. You spend this kind of money on a car you expect a certain kind of service and it’s just not there any more...it’s going down hill.
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    Service calls

    when I had questions or concerns for my local service center I used to pick up the phone, dial the number, and just like with my Honda dealership, spoke with my service department within a few seconds. Now...apparently Tesla has changed things and every time I try to talk to someone I can no...
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    Don’t be afraid to complain

    My SVC doesn’t have any problems telling me the history now...wont show me who the previous owner was but they looked up the vehicle records to find out that the car was only in for regular maintenance until I bought it.
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    Don’t be afraid to complain

    Several of y’all know I am horribly frustrated with my Model S by all the repeated trips to the SVC and all thd problems I’ve had, nine trips to the SVC in 15 months and they are not all just little things. The latest is a steering issue that occurs randomly and causes the tension in the...
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    CPO Process Anxiety/Vent

    Congrats! I hope y’all have good luck with your new car. Safe travels.
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    CPO Process Anxiety/Vent

    Unfortunately that’s not true. They have guidelines that they follow for damage. If the damage inside or out is beyond a certain size then they repair it. If it’s not, they don’t. I had several rock dings on my hood at delivery but thy were within the limits considered normal wear and tear...
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    easy entry activated while driving

    Yes...I am thinking about options including other vehicles. I wrote a letter to Elon telling him how unhappy I am and I got an email from headquarters saying they understood that I have lost faith in my car and that no one should feel bad for writing and complaining about their car and...
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    Climate not rebooting

    Oh yeah...still having troubles. Right after I got it back from the coolant heater unit and 12 v batt issues I started having the odometer and a scary steering issue. The reboot climate issue happens every time I reset the MCU. The odometer is completely random and yes...I’m figuring it’s a...
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    Climate not rebooting

    That’s one of the problems. I’ve had the slacker issues, my odometer resets to zero randomly, my phone drops calls, the MCU takes a lot longer to fireup at times than it should, And many other things as well. They told me that because they are computers, just like your computer at home, they...
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    Climate not rebooting

    i was told by my SVC to do a hard reset of my MCU and Instrument Cluster all the way to the grey Tesla T weekly to try and help minimize issues. For the past two or three weeks when I reboot the MCU everything comes back up except for the climate system. I have to manually turn it back on. I...
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    Radio autoswitch

    My SVC engineers are trouble shooting multiple issues on my car right now and they confirmed what everyone is saying that it is a Slacker problem and they don’t really know how to fix it yet.
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    Tesla redesigning website a good indicator of no Model S refresh?

    Patience and understanding? I have been patient. Nine trips to the SVC and 35 hours on the road dealing with those issues, I’d say I’ve been MORE than patient and understanding. You need to understand that I am not dealing with just annoyances like paddle door handle roller mechanism shearing...
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    2013 S75 w/175,000 mi - Good Buy?

    Or they can have way less miles and tons of problems that can appear at any time. I’ve been in the SVC 9 times for problems in 15 months and right now, in the shop again. my mobile tesla app shows that the frunk and trunk have been open for two days straight which suggests to me they are...
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    Tesla redesigning website a good indicator of no Model S refresh?

    With my 9 trips to the SVC for all the problems I’ve had, I wrote a four page letter to Elon himself detailing everything and letting him know how horribly displeased I am with my car. I got an email from headquarters apologizing and saying that they hoped I would stay a customer because there...

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