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    Wire size for wall charger

    I would suggest you think long and hard about if you really should be buying building wiring from random sellers on Amazon. There's a lot of knock-off products out there these days. Electrical equipment and wiring is one of the last things I would buy on Amazon or eBay. You have no idea what...
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    Supercharger - Menomonee Falls, WI

    Reading that, all they want to see is a revision that takes care of the parking stall length being a foot short. Hard to say if that's possible to do without re-siting it.
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    48 amps through a 50 amp NEMA 14-50?

    @Rocky_H nailed it as usual. Code violation for sure. You have to think about receptacle ratings the same as wire ratings in terms of what circuit load they can serve. A 50A receptacle is only good for 40A charging, and no more.
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    Wire size for wall charger

    I know, right? I'm amused with the idea of giving this explanation to a licensed electrician or inspector, seeing as it's likely to come off as condescending to describe one of the most basic calculations... :D
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    Subpanel in the garage or outside next to the circuit breaker?

    It can be either, but I'd highly recommend you put it in the garage. This gives you way more flexibility for the future.
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    Subpanel in the garage or outside next to the circuit breaker?

    Can you cite the code for this? The 2020 edition makes no changes to Section 625, where 625.43 still says it's only required if over 60A or more than 150V to ground (which would be highly unusual).
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    Wire size for wall charger

    Are you sure? I read the load calculation rules as using nameplate rating for hardwired devices, which would be 48A. The 125% derating on top of that is to account for said 48A being a continuous load.
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    Wire size for wall charger

    Just because NM cable was fished through finished walls doesn't mean that conduit could be. That's typically much more invasive, especially when it comes to bends. At minimum, it's way more labor-intensive. Yes. 3/4" conduit would be typical. No reason for neutral wire -- even if you decide you...
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    Wire size for wall charger

    People often get tripped up on this one. Yes, the NEC says you can "round up" to the next breaker size if unavailable and put a 60A breaker on a 55A circuit, but that doesn't mean you can now draw what a 60A circuit allows. It's still a 55A circuit. If the HPWC had a 55A setting, then putting...
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    Wire size for wall charger

    Yes. It's not up to code. jcanoe has the correct guidance here. For clarity on why 48A charging is not okay: a circuit must be derated by 20% for continuous draws, including car charging. So that 55A wire is not acceptable because 80% of that is 44A. That's the number you can't exceed, per...
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    Charger install 80' away from panel

    I only have slightly more input, based on experience of installing several units... coincidentally I am also an electrical engineer but I work on circuit board design... My first question is why you've chosen rigid conduit instead of EMT. EMT is way easier, but obviously certain situations call...
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    Sub Zero Package -- Is it a must in cold winter climates?

    If you really want a heated steering wheel and rear seats, then sure. It would be an extremely high priority for me, but I also wound up buying a used S many years ago w/o subzero (despite really wanting it), because I found a fantastic deal that "checked all the other boxes". Now I have a 3...
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    Wire size for wall charger

    Indeed, and I'm good with that... but the tone of the original question on this particular thread spoke otherwise. I could be wrong, but in general I see a lot of really uninformed electrical questions and advice on Tesla forums, which is troubling.
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    Wire size for wall charger

    +100. Someone coming to an online forum to ask extremely basic questions about electrical work in a clearly uninformed manner indicates they are unqualified. Clearly roblab is qualified.
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    Wire size for wall charger

    I've always assumed this is just to reduce the complexity of what they have to write as a requirement and to reduce the chance of misunderstanding/misapplication. In the end, it's no more or less "passable" than using #14 for 15A circuits and #12 for 20A circuits, which is how 99.9% of 15 & 20A...

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