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    Software update - frozen

    At least in the US, when I’ve made an appointment in the Software category and asked for a re-push in the notes, it always came a couple of hours later even if the appointment date was days away.
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    New Service Centers Coming To The Northeast!

    Sorta. Anything up to Rutland gets the guy out of Hartford, CT who comes one day a week and covers a lot of ground, so mobile availability for the southern half of the state is very limited. The northern half has their own mobile service base and the situation is much better there. At least this...
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    Weird noise fron rear left wheel, bad wheel bearing??

    My car has successfully cupped three separate sets of tires (MXM4s, Sottozero 3s, and CrossClimate+) over 55k miles. I've had it aligned by several different service centers a bunch of times, had the suspension checked over, tires rebalanced, and etc. In the end I just got used to the...
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    Got into an accident...

    Tesla does have to balance enforcing the requirements with having enough certified shops to actually handle repairs too, so they're probably not religiously strict about these standards. But overall, based on conversations with a certified body shop owner - yes, they do keep track and will issue...
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    Supercharger - Fairfield, CT

    Same as with any property damage, I'd imagine - initially can be either (if the injured party has an appropriate coverage in place, they can typically file with either their carrier or directly with the responsible party's carrier). But ultimately the claim will get subrogated to the insurance...
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    Got into an accident...

    Per the Tesla body shop standards doc, body shops are required to place no more than 2 parts orders per vehicle to maintain certified status; one initial order and one with additional parts once the teardown is complete. So chances are this is going to be it for you, although my repair ended up...
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    Wonder why 2021.4.21.3 is going out

    Multiple branches being active at the same time is not really that unusual, especially during periods of heavy backcoding like the one we've been in since early 2021. It looks like cars that got 2021.4.18.11 are the only ones receiving 2021.4.21.3, so a pattern is emerging. Last time around...
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    Supercharger - Fairfield, CT

    I noticed a new cabinet that was unloaded and waiting for installation when I drove by on 7/25
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    Supercharger - Hamden, CT - Dixwell Avenue

    My first time stopping here and I saw 251 kW hold for a good five minutes. Tesla nav is listing four stalls as out of order, but it doesn’t look like there’s a specific bank out as there were cars charging on all three groups.
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    Supercharger “Icing”

    Can't plug in a locked car.
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    Supercharger - Cheektowaga, NY

    I’ve owned my car for over 2 years and have driven it for over 60k miles, so I’m quite familiar with preconditioning :) No, I’ve seen the full 250 kW rates at single digits SoC.
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    2019 3D+ ambient temperature reading 102F while it's 30F outside

    Final (hopefully) update: the SC installed an overlay harness from X901F to X527 ("last mile" of the circuit between the front body controller and the ambient temp sensor) and replaced the sensor itself once again. So far everything is back to normal, so this was an electric connectivity issue...
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    Supercharger - Williston, VT

    It’s been a few years since I lived in the area, but from what I remember, getting past the first light off of 89 was a royal pain in the rear even before all of the apartment complexes sprung up. Given that this location is next to the new Healthy Living, I feel like it will be quite...
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    Got into an accident...

    To add to this, Tesla does not allow any frame geometry work at all, so if there's any shift to that, then it's a total.
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    New Service Centers Coming To The Northeast!

    I lived in Grand Isle for a while. It's either mobile service or taking a trip down to Boston for anything mobile can't do (which is a decent amount, anything that requires lifting, most suspension work, a lot of electric work that requires disconnecting the battery and anything that requires...

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