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  1. in2survive

    iOS Mobile App Missing VENT option, has DEFROST instead?

    Damn it. My M3 is now on 2022.40.4 still no sign of Vent. I just find it “interesting” it hasn’t been removed from my MY, which is on the same version. The Y is just a few months older.
  2. in2survive

    iOS Mobile App Missing VENT option, has DEFROST instead?

    Interesting, I have the same issue with my wife’s M3 RWD, while my MY, which is a few months older has it. Both are on the same software version 2022.36.6, but only the Y has the vent option. The 3 doesn’t close the windows when you walk away either, only locks.
  3. in2survive

    Vent Icon Missing

    Interesting @jjrandorin I though it was a M3 RWD limitation, but I guess it is more than that.
  4. in2survive

    Vent Icon Missing

    I have a 2022 Y LR and my wife a 2022 3 RWD, for some reason the 3 doesn’t have the vent icon on the app and if I try with Tessie, it gets me an error. It makes not sense to me as I would think the only requirement would be power windows. I also noticed it doesn’t close the windows when it...
  5. in2survive

    Is my charging regimen OK?

    I charge my MYLR every day, but up to 70%, as I don’t really drive more than 20 to 30km daily. I have a home charger and the 110V charger, which is actually good enough for one car, except winter. My wife has a M3 RWD, which we charge 100% every day. I wish there was a case study for different...
  6. in2survive

    Model 3 SR+ LFP Battery Range, Degradation, etc Discussion

    The other interesting fact, which many said before, is that the range is “the same” in practical terms, considering that I only charge till 70% every day, and my wife always charges at 100%. :p I know, I know, I could charge up to 90%, but I really haven’t a need to do so. Therefore, for the...
  7. in2survive

    Model 3 SR+ LFP Battery Range, Degradation, etc Discussion

    What impresses me the most in my wife’s M3 RWD is the efficiency compared to my MYLR. We both drive mostly in the city, short rides ~5 to 10km, but according to Tessie (same week) it is 77% efficiency on the Y versus 96% on the 3.
  8. in2survive

    Pre-Condition for non-Tesla Supercharger

    Didn’t know that, in that case I assume it is a question of time. Thanks @MP3Mike
  9. in2survive

    Pre-Condition for non-Tesla Supercharger

    I guess I was thinking more where you don’t have a Tesla super charger (SC) close by. For example, I was going to Gaspe in northern Quebec, (Canada) and at the moment there is no SC there. It would be nice if the car considered the CCS chargers… there are lots in Quebec. Of course, the other...
  10. in2survive

    Pre-Condition for non-Tesla Supercharger

    That would be super handy!
  11. in2survive

    Pre-Condition for non-Tesla Supercharger

    I ordered my CCS adaptor, which is finally available it North America. However, is there a way to pre-condition the battery when heading to a non-Tesla supercharger? Ideally I would like Tesla to treat 3rd party CCS superchargers as a Tesla Supercharge in the navigation. For example, having...
  12. in2survive

    Phone call echo

    It is June 2022…. And I have this issue since I got my model Y in Feb. What seems to help for me is taking the phone off the charger and back on it. Makes no sense to me, but the echo goes away for the caller. I had a technical technician over, he changed me mic, made no difference. Very annoying.
  13. in2survive

    Spotify loading endlessly

    Amazing how long it is taking them to NOT solve this issue. I have the issue every single time I enter the car. Actually, if I don’t change the playlist, it works. But… I can’t load a new playlist, until I switch to streaming and back to Spotify. I actually got used to it, so it doesn’t bother...
  14. in2survive

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    I haven’t checked in here for a while, but I’m shocked to see there are still August orders pending. I have a friend that ordered a month ago (MYLR5, red) and his delivery is supposed to be in May, but we all know how it works… I hope you get your card soon! As everyone else said, this car is a...
  15. in2survive

    Trade-in not adding up

    They fixed it when the car became available. A few days before delivery it was correct online, meaning taxes applied after trade-in value was deducted. Very strange, but my TA said it is normal.

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