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  1. Jaguar

    Can’t sign in to Tesla app

    Just had the same problem. Your fix worked. Fortunately, I was at home when it happened. If I'd been in a parking lot somewhere in the middle of a blizzard, I'd be really irritated. That's why I bought a key fob for my Model 3 and use it almost always.
  2. Jaguar

    Model 3 Performace on the track

    I see this video has been posted in another thread but, perhaps, it deserves one of its own.
  3. Jaguar

    Model 3 Performace on the track

    Anyone telling you that the Model 3 is only good in a straight line but not on the track (one of the last FUD arguments) need to be shown this video.
  4. Jaguar

    I’ll get roasted but here goes anyway

    I use a key fob for a couple of reasons. 1) I need keys to get into my house so I always carry keys and attaching the fob is no problem. 2) I find carrying a phone everywhere is a nuisance; I'm not a slave to my phone and don't feel a need to be connected at all times.
  5. Jaguar

    P3D crowd: Competing vs. high-performance ICE from a roll?

    The physical limit was based on current production tires.
  6. Jaguar

    Considering a Model 3 or Cadillac ATS

    For what its worth, Consumer Reports just ranked Cadillac at the very bottom of its reliability standings.Tesla is again "recommended" on the same list.
  7. Jaguar

    Tire shop didn't follow jacking procedure

    This is why I change my own tires. Put the winters on a couple weeks ago and, aside from misplacing one of the lug nuts and spending an hour looking for it, all went smoothly.
  8. Jaguar

    My navigation spoken word changed to French

    Time to learn a new language?
  9. Jaguar

    Who Else Had ICE Ruined For Them?

    I was in the market for something sporty a few years ago and developed a list that included Corvette, Mustang, BMW Z3, Miata, Porsche Boxster, and Jaguar F-Type. I even road tested some of them. All of them were dropped when I drove an EV and put down a reservation for a Model 3.
  10. Jaguar

    Are you a creeper?

    I am a creeper for the sole reason that I have to back into a space every day that brings my back bumper to within 10 inches of a wall. Creep mode allows the car to back up by itself while my foot is poised over the brake pedal. If it weren't for that, I'd prefer going creepless.
  11. Jaguar

    Consumer Reports Model 3 reliability rating: reliable?

    I see this technique used repeatedly. Complaints to a forum are not indicative of overall quality and should not be used as a measure of such. Forums exist in large part to resolve complaints. Every automobile forum is the same. I formerly owned a BMW 3-series and a Smart Car. Their owners'...
  12. Jaguar

    Delivery call - WARNING

    800 miles.
  13. Jaguar

    Tesla scrutinized by the NHTSA over Model 3 safety claims

    This is really old news (October 2018) dredged up again. What else would you expect from CNBC? They must have a stockpile of old anti-Tesla stories that they can revive whenever they run out of new ways to bash the company.
  14. Jaguar

    New Kitchener Service Centre is Open.

    New supercharger going up in SS Marie but nothing west of that until Alberta! I'm getting lonely. :(
  15. Jaguar

    What is your Whr/Miles

    Winter driving = 390 wh/m ( highway/city combined; it can get very cold here) Summer driving = 192 wh/m (city driving, no speeding), 250 wh/m (highway) Overall average = 235 wh/m (i do much more driving in summer and most driving is in the city)

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