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  1. jcoverton

    New Anti-Theft package at Tesla Shop

    I had the alarm installed today and found two undocumented issues. First, when the configuration is updated to activate the alarm it changes the way overheat protection works. When the Security Alarm is on Cabin Overheat Protection is greyed out. I checked a Model X without the new sensor and...
  2. jcoverton

    Recommended USB drive for TeslaCam?

    I use a Sandisk 256gb drive and partition it into two drives. One is 16GB for the Camera and the other is 240GB for Music. I have 4000 songs on the drive in FLAC format. It works fine. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07857Y17V/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. jcoverton

    Glass cleaning recommendations

    I have used a clay bar to clean the glass with great results. It takes some work but you get an amazingly clean window.
  4. jcoverton

    USB drive with mp3 files, but Model X won't recognize it

    You need to partition the USB drive first. See [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows]
  5. jcoverton

    FSD vs. EAP

    I have a 2015 model S. When I purchased the car there weren’t any autopilot features, only promises to add the capability in the future. Then as part of one software release we got most of level one autopilot. It was amazing and very scary at first. Many posted that it would be recalled because...
  6. jcoverton

    Delay auto locking of charging door

    I have my MS set to lock when I walk away from the vehicle. Each night in my garage, when I plug my in MS, I walk behind it to get the charging cord hanging on the wall. Before I can plug it in the car locks. Even if I open the charge door when I walk by, the car shuts the door and locks...
  7. jcoverton

    8.0 USB shuffle is no longer random

    I have 6000+ songs on USB which I play most of the time when driving. Because there is no support for playlists I first tried to create lists by genre and re tagged all my songs so I could fake playlists. This did not work as the Media player used Gracenote genre and not mine. As FLAC can have...
  8. jcoverton

    Embedded USB Album Art - How Do I Do It?

    I keep all my music in Apple Lossless format with embedded album art. I used XLD on a Mac to convert about 6000 songs to FLAC for use in the Tesla. Prior to 8.0 some of my songs did not display art because they were not in Gracenote. I noticed recently that my album art is being displayed. I...
  9. jcoverton

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    I sent Tesla feedback with the request to add back the letter picker on the song and artist lists. I agree with the rest of the list. FLAC on USB is the best sounding source and it should be easy to select a specific song. I have 6700 songs in FLAC on two 128gb micro USB drives and now it is a...
  10. jcoverton

    5 Aftermarket MUSTs for new S

    I purchased my MS last October and it had been updated to have an LED license plate light. I ended up returning the light I purchased fro Abstract Ocean.
  11. jcoverton

    Tips for cleaning B-pillar upholstery?

    My SC told me that green painters tape can lift dirt from the fabric.
  12. jcoverton

    Screen Cleaner

    I use this. I keep it in the little space under the center screen. It works great to remove the fingerprints from the screen. Leather Model S Screen Cleaning Pad
  13. jcoverton

    Autopilot into tunnels?

    I have traveled the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel route many times using autopilot. It drives it better than I do. In the tunnel, I tend to hug the center line to avoid the wall. This puts me closer to on coming traffic. Autopilot centers the car in the lane and does not drift when cars...
  14. jcoverton

    Ultra High Fidelity Sound System, Reus, or something else?

    I have the UHFS and love it. I am very picky about audio and have spent a lot of time perfecting home audio. I have 20k songs in my library all in lossless formats, many encoded from high resolution digital or quality analog sources. I put 128gb micro usb drives full of FLAC music in the two...
  15. jcoverton

    Where to mount phone in Model S

    I have this mount and love it. The magnet is the ball between the dash mount and the phone mount. A thin piece of metal mounts to the phone and is attracted to the magnet. I prefer to put this metal disk on the case as it leaves my phone untouched. They provide two disks so if I replace the...

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