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  1. J

    Back to MCU1?

    Wow. From another post on here I tried the voice command "Switch to USB" and that continues playing from it left off, exactly as it should. I have no idea why the two ways of selecting an input source behave differently. That certainly wouldn't be true of any software I wrote. It would be nice...
  2. J

    Back to MCU1?

    SC said teslawaze.azurewebsites.net did not load at all on a similar vehicle, and they found no concerns with my vehicle. I think I had 4G from the start though I couldn't swear to it. Currently running 2022.16.3.
  3. J

    Back to MCU1?

    I'm about to the point of wanting to go back to MCU1. Yeah, I had to reboot every day. But today I have to reload the teslawaze web site every few miles when the browser crashes out to its main screen. And every single time I enter the car I have to bring up the media player, reselect USB, and...
  4. J

    Voice command taken as browser input

    A weird thing happened today. I pressed the voice button on the steering wheel and said "navigate to (store)". It took the words as input to the browser. Showed a dropdown from the address bar with that phrase and similar phrases shown. Not once in 6.5 years has it done that - it always gets...
  5. J

    How is your rear camera after MCU1 to MCU2 upgade (dark?)

    Got 2020.48.26. Rear camera view is no better. The miles of charge remaining on the instrument cluster seems to be using a smaller font, unless that's my imagination.
  6. J

    How is your rear camera after MCU1 to MCU2 upgade (dark?)

    I didn't notice any difference in sound, but I don't have Premium and I am hard of hearing, so .... I would still do the upgrade because it really annoyed me having to reboot every time I got in the car because the browser was hung.
  7. J

    How is your rear camera after MCU1 to MCU2 upgade (dark?)

    "Me too". 2015 S70D just got MCU2 upgrade Nov 24. Rear camera isn't just darker at night, it's completely black - useless. It's fine during the day, or in a well-lit parking lot. 2020.44.15.
  8. J

    Upgraded MCU1 to MCU2 - Are you experiencing New Problems?

    After MCU1-to-MCU2 ugrade 2015 S70D: Rear camera isn't just dark it's totally black at night - useless (fine during the day). With MCU1 I could see perhaps 10 feet behind the car. Where's the best link to follow to track this? Music does not resume when I reenter car. I have to bring up media...
  9. J

    Browser won't download pages

    Update on my situation: email support alternately ignored me or gave content-free replies for a couple of weeks before finally telling me to schedule an appointment for service. Fired up the app and wound up with a mobile service appointment for 8 days later. During the days leading up to it the...
  10. J

    Browser won't download pages

    Browser remains blank white page? I've got that right now. Tesla say there are no alarming logs, and nothing to indicate MCU is failing. Also "What's New" release notes is blank white page. 2015 S 70D. Multiple varieties of reboots and power offs. If they would integrate Waze into their nav...
  11. J

    It's too late, my MCU1 Died....

    For the past week I've had totally blank web browser and "What's New" dialog. Persisted through two updates. Is this another symptom of the same thing? I'm at the right time, one month past 4 years on a 2015 S 70D.
  12. J

    Browser now full screen only s/x on v10

    Sent a bug report before I found this. Also emailed feedback. This was a bonehead change.
  13. J

    Turn Signal Lever

    That collar or whatever where the lever goes into the column had cracked, and when the lever moved the pieces could get in the way. Pic is of a good one on the loaner, I didn't get a pic of mine when it was broken. The SC replaced it STEERING COLUMN CONTROL MODULE - 1 ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL...
  14. J

    Service Center wifi

    The Service Center wifi "Tesla Guest" works with my Android phone but not with my Linux laptop. Connection is made, but can't browse/ping. The only incoming packets are ICMP TTL exceeded messages. Is it a captive portal thing? It never redirects my browser anywhere.
  15. J


    My local utility sends out emails periodically advertising various products. Is there any point to this one? JuiceBox® Pro 40 WiFi-enabled EV Charging Station - 40 Amps Seems like it needs a 14-50 outlet to feed into it. But if I have a 14-50, I already have a cable from Tesla which goes...

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