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Recent content by jerry505

  1. J

    "UM UM UM" noise & tires wearing out turns dream car into nightmare

    Because the Tesla approved body shop was 250 miles from my home, and when I got there (in late November) that shop said it would be middle of January to get the parts from Tesla. I wanted to know where they would store my car until the end of November, all of December, and to the middle of...
  2. J

    "UM UM UM" noise & tires wearing out turns dream car into nightmare

    Can we have an honest moment? While my car is under an extended service agreement, I don't want to modify with an aftermarket alignment kit or oddball parts. This is actually a suggestion Tesla Service brought up to me. So, stock Tesla parts will not fix the tire wear/alignment problem? We have...
  3. J

    "UM UM UM" noise & tires wearing out turns dream car into nightmare

    What is difficult about following my post? Can you imagine Ford or GM or any other company diagnosing this noise as the fault of a tire, then replacing tires and not driving the car to listen for the same noise? I picked up the car and it HAD THE SAME NOISE and they had changed out those old...
  4. J

    Questions about toe/camber angles after recent alignment and 2 new tires

    I see this now after posting about my tires wearing fast - P85D Model S. Tesla said I needed tires and a front and rear end alignment. They did this and the new tires continued to wear and I still had that noise - so it was not the sound of bad tires. Now I learn form this thread that the rear...
  5. J

    "UM UM UM" noise & tires wearing out turns dream car into nightmare

    "Um um um" increases in frequency with speed. I hear it. Passengers hear it. Tires wear out prematurely, mainly the inner passenger side rear on my December 2014 Model S P85D build. Tesla Service, however, said the problem was MY TIRES making this noise. So, they replaced tires and lined up...
  6. J

    Helping w/ Model S MCU Issues

    Tesla replaced my failed MCU1 in February of 2020. Recently, my Tesla was in a Service Center and I asked what MCU I had because I have not been able to access the web. They said it is an MCU1. So, back in February of 2020 they replaced my MCU1 with another MCU1. At the time I talked extensively...
  7. J

    Is my P85D battery toast now?

    I think mine is too.
  8. J

    Is my P85D battery toast now?

    I don't know percentage at 66 on the range. I do not know the KW at 66. I took a screen shot at 80 range, but that photo does not show kw. I don't know if Tesla had the a/c on.
  9. J

    Is my P85D battery toast now?

    It would not charge at all for me at a supercharger. The previous supercharger the rate was a constant 117 mi/hr and took 1 hr and 45 minutes to go from 22 to 185, when my screen released me to make it 128 miles to next supercharger. At the service center it charged sporadically then reached 223...
  10. J

    Is my P85D battery toast now?

    Thanks for the links. The battery is under warranty and did charge to 225 by middle of next day, Sunday, more than 24 hours charging.
  11. J

    Is my P85D battery toast now?

    I got towed 150 miles from Supercharger to Tesla service center when my battery would not charge. I got stranded far from home. This is my third night in a hotel. I watched my car charging from my AP when Tesla was working on it in their service center. I don't know if they were performing a...
  12. J

    Could my P85D with new 90kwh battery get more performance?

    When you say your P85D battery "died," what exactly happened? Also, any others that have had their 85KWH battery replaced, what did it do?
  13. J

    Tire Store Put One Wide Tires On Front & One Narrow Tires on Rear

    To my surprise, they replaced the Michelin Pilot Sport tires with a set of Contnentals.
  14. J

    Tire Store Put One Wide Tires On Front & One Narrow Tires on Rear

    My rear tire blew out, and when towed to Tesla they explained to me that back tire that blew was a narrow front tire on a narrow rim, and there was also a wide rear tire that had been mounted on the front. Of course, my Tesla is a P85D with staggered wheels/tires. The Tesla tech said that...
  15. J

    101 Year Old WW 2 Vet In Tesla

    101 year old rides in Tesla - he liked it!!

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