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  1. J

    Tesla Recalls Over 475,000 U.S. Cars on Camera, Trunk Issues

    Okay, very relieved to see that yes, there is a secondary latch. Popped, waited and...I've stuck my finger into tighter things but none so uncomfortable. Anyway, unlatched the seclatch. So now, the question is, have I just proved that I have an effective seclatch with no need to go through the...
  2. J

    Tesla Recalls Over 475,000 U.S. Cars on Camera, Trunk Issues

    Okay, you're making things clearer: the frunk secondary latch is a part-time latch, intended to function conveniently. So let's say I pop the frunk and wait a few minutes, the seclatch will operate, right? Looking at the surfaces available I do not see anything I can put my finger on to trip...
  3. J

    Tesla Recalls Over 475,000 U.S. Cars on Camera, Trunk Issues

    If your frunk pops on the freeway, you don't have several minutes to see how things turn out. Don't see what purpose this feature serves. I guess if you inadvertently pop and then drive, but that isn't my main concern, which is the lack of a secondary catch, at least on my vehicle.
  4. J

    Tesla Recalls Over 475,000 U.S. Cars on Camera, Trunk Issues

    They wouldn't send mobile out five miles to adjust my headlights, but sent a guy out to replace the lead-acid battery which involved a great deal of deconstruction. Go figure what makes the cut and what doesn't.
  5. J

    Tesla Recalls Over 475,000 U.S. Cars on Camera, Trunk Issues

    The email alternates between "trunk" and "frunk" in a very disturbing way. No one cares if the trunk (you know, the one in the back) opens in flight. OTOH, the frunk opening at speed could be a disaster. It would be nice to think they could write a coherent letter on the subject. That said, I've...
  6. J

    Tesla ranks 2nd worst in Consumer reports reliability survey

    Our 2016 Model S has been totally reliable in every way. It would be great to have Airplay or some better way of accessing the phone, but other than that...it's been perfect. Fit and finish, user interface (though I wish they hadn't moved so many buttons to the bottom of the screen a few years...
  7. J

    Replace key fobs trigger low fob battery message

    This may not apply to others getting the message in error, but it turns out in my case, the error was mine, all mine. When I replaced the keyfob batteries, I mistakenly replaced one of them with the old battery instead of the new (they are identical-looking). When I rectified the mistake, the...
  8. J

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    This is about warranty replacement of the VCM to Upgrade 8GB eMMC. I don't know what that means, but they're willing to do it for free as a recall item. I've checked the threads I could find and don't yet have a satisfactory answer. I'm old and have owned a load of cars -- my experience has...
  9. J

    Adjusting Headlight Angle

    Every time I've ever "popped" panels off a car, in the door, under the hood, the battery cover, whatever...it never went back together right. Some little plastic tit broke off or a threaded hole wouldn't line up. They were clearly not made to be removed in the first place except in a shop with...
  10. J

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    I would like to be able to completely disable heated seats. I live in SoCal, don't need 'em and never will. But Dog forbid I'm bumping along on one of our miserable streets, trying to drive and touch the HVAC fan icon (that has mysteriously been located at the very BOTTOM of the screen, where...
  11. J

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    I I had a 2012 Volt. Every voice command worked perfectly. The phone voice command knew who I wanted to call--every time! I love the Model S, but I sure miss that, and am further aggravated by knowing the technology predated my Model S by six years!
  12. J

    Tesla to recall almost all MS and MX sold in China over suspension issue

    I assume you're either kidding or don't live in Los Angeles. Our roads make the most luxurious auto feel like a dump truck. My only question, which I don't see answered here, is: I have a 2016 Model S, made and purchased in the US. Do I need to be worried about a front suspension collapse...
  13. J

    Taking a long time to get rolling.

    Sorry, but a bit confused. If the update did NOT enable it, then it would be OFF, no? Are you saying that the wait is a symptom of saving energy? In that case, I will feel more patient since the whole reason for buying a Tesla was to save energy.
  14. J

    Taking a long time to get rolling.

    After we'd had out 2016 Model S for a while, it started making us wait "One moment while systems boot up" or some such verbiage. Okay, not convenient but livable. Now, I get in the car and sit there with a black driver's screen, even after the main screen has lit up, and nothing. No "by your...
  15. J

    Six weeks into Jaguar i-pace ownership - maybe lemon-law candidate

    If you loved Jags in the 70's, then you are a hardy soul, indeed.

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