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    Elon Musk - SpaceX version

    In this galaxy maybe. But there are maybe a 100 billion galaxies in the universe, so still plenty of opportunities for life elsewhere.
  2. J

    SpaceX F9 - Transporter 1 - SLC-40

    Scrub for today due to surface electrical fields (weather). Backup opportunity tomorrow.
  3. J

    Fibre versus Starlink Discussion

    I think he's talking about streaming games.
  4. J

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    Yes, I do. This site has cameras that I monitor remotely. Also the plan was to share the connection with a couple of neighbours to share the cost. At present it is running on 4G (with two 3ft long external antennas) with a 100GB/month plan.
  5. J

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    Thanks. That means 100W more than the current setup. That's 2,4kWh extra per day. No problem in the summer but sadly not feasible in winter at all. Guess I'll drop my Starlink-plans here in Norway then :(
  6. J

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    Ouch. Melting snow. So Starlink would not work well in an off-grid location with limited energy available then? No hope of the user terminal using 10-20W or so like a 4G modem or router?
  7. J

    Wiki Falcon Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    Is there any reason not to retire Falcon 9 when the Starships are operable?
  8. J

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    It would be considered rural in Norway at least ;) And line-of-sight could be several miles away, seen from 3m above the roof-top, and still be very workable.
  9. J

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    Easily done, as long as they have at least 3 neighbours in line-of-sight. Ubiquiti wireless gear is cheap, easy to set up and can link up neighbours several miles away.
  10. J

    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    I'll say it. It's basically useless to us in it's current form. The ACC brakes all the time when it shouldn't (often several times per minute), the autosteer takes detours into bus stops and merging lanes etc. So I never use the autosteer on our X75D now, and seldom the ACC. Sadly Tesla doesn't...
  11. J

    Fairing Recovery and Reuse

    Hmm, wouldn't it be easier to use two helicopters to snag the parafoil in mid-air? It seems this Mr.Steven-approach has a lot of things that can go wrong and will be hard to get righ every time, even after the firs success.
  12. J

    MX Design Studio Changes - Interior

    Too limiting, I agree. Very happy that I placed my order for a X75 with textile seats and white headliner in time. I hate all-black interiors and would rather not pony up the extra money for the white seats.
  13. J

    Model X 60D is Gone

    Of course it won't be standard on the Model 3, it isn't standard on the S or X either.
  14. J

    Model X 60D is Gone

    A loaded Model S costs ~2,45 times the base version. If the Model 3 base version costs $35k and a similar number of options is available, that equals nearly $86k fully loaded.
  15. J

    Are the X 22s as prone to damage as S 21s?

    After 80k kilometres (50k miles) my grey 21" wheels are still spotless. No rashes at all. Don't cut corners ;)

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