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  1. J

    MY road noise?

    As for wind noise, it’s about the same as my all glass roof S had but tires are louder than my S
  2. J

    MY road noise?

    If you are a normal person, the Y will be awesome Mine (non-performance, 20 in wheels, LR AWD) feels more quiet than the 3 but less quiet than my last car, a nov 2016 S (totalled) it drives And handles far better than the X Build quality far better than my S. I do have a scratch on steering...
  3. J

    Anyone have a good idea how long the backup is to produce the ordered Y's?

    People are backing out of contracts. Maybe try talking to your local center and let them know you’re willing to jump now. That’s what I did.
  4. J

    Heated wheel not so hot after update

    Mine is also much less warm than in the past. Not sure if it varies with the temperature but I don’t think so
  5. J

    Depreciation on 3 year old Model S 90d

    Luckily, my S is special and has therefore probably appreciated over the years :p Seriously though, yikes Oh well,we 2016 buyers knew we were buying new tech which is always $$$ I remember a buddy who paid $7000 for one of the first 46 inch flat screen TVs Years later, we bought one for...
  6. J

    Stopped my MCU from leaking. Saved $$$.

    Although I applaud the ingenuity here, it also leaves me a bit frustrated I have zero tech, engineering, or construction skills and will never be able to learn them (work 80-90 hrs/week) But it seems one needs them to fix/prevent bubbling, yellow borders, and/or MCU failure We all knew...
  7. J

    Model S in the snow/cold

    I agree with others Snow tires all the way. The tires are the ONLY thing that contacts the roads As such, Only the tires can keep you on a road in slippery conditions (AWD does not keep you on the road. See all the SUVs in the ditches during blizzards) You’ll never miss the few hundred...
  8. J

    Winter Tires Recommendation

    Winter tires are a must in MN The S is dangerous on summer tires in winter. DO NOT DO IT the S is mediocre with all seasons With winter tires, it is a VERY good car (Not as good as an SUV due to low clearancewhich causes problems in deeper snow) I have Michelin X ice tires Bought from...
  9. J

    Would you buy again MS with MCU1 or wait couple of yrs to get newer model?

    (Regarding my statement that I want a lift back car like the S, but the size of the 3) This is not true. The 3 and Y are lower end versions of the S and X I wish for one more model. Smaller (like 3 or Y) But better design like S and X Without falcon wing doors My next Tesla is likely to be...
  10. J

    The average Tesla owner and their knowledge of their car's features

    There are a ton of features that are hidden. Three I learned recently —you can turn climate on and off pushing scroll wheel (if scroll wheel controls temp). I found it clunky that air was always on before — swiping down on Navigate automatically navigates you home... but if you’re at home it...
  11. J

    Blank update window

    Yep. That’s what all my notes look like
  12. J

    Would you buy again MS with MCU1 or wait couple of yrs to get newer model?

    As others have said, buy the car that works better for you. The 3 is a zippy agile little thing There are some cost cutting measures on it, but overall a great car that is loaded with minimalistic design. And boy is it fun. The S is a sports car beast with a lift back and tons of room But...
  13. J

    Blank update window

    Yes. Mine is blank as well. I’ve heard rebooting might work Others have said disabling real time traffic will work. Neither work for me I just hope this isn’t step one of MCU failure
  14. J

    Instrument Cluster Reboots Every Morning?

    This used to happen in my car. Super annoying Sometimes it would take 2 minutes and I’d think my car was dead I also had a yellow screen Brought to Tesla and service center fixed both issues. (Although yellow screen is back) FWIW Dec 2016 build. MCU 1. AP 2.0
  15. J

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    Ruts are like these. But deeper, and ice. (Not snow]

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