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    REAR FOG Lamps

    The whole electrical circuit is software controlled, to suppress fuses, so you have to be carefull if you want to tap any additional light. See some threads dealing with installing a trailer plug, such as Installed a hitch and wiring harness on my M3 One solution that I would considere could be...
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    I envy your garage. It seems that you park in reverse? Where is the charger?
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    Supercharger - Truckee, CA - Soaring Way (LIVE 28 May 2022, 16 V3 stalls)

    I wonder if those ''temporary'' chargers are connected to the grid or to a generator and batteries bank? In general, when new Superchargers get installed, a new transformer gets added, something that can take several months. But I cannot notice is any transformer? Note: Did you previously own...
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    Spare Tyre for Model 3

    Well, I'm in California, and I ordered my spare tyre from the Bimmer Zone, but the model 3 is not available. I liked in particular that the wheels had a Centering Ring, allowing to perfectly center the wheel instead of relying on the bolts to center the wheel. I imagine that looking at BMW...
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    Advice on large phone fast wireless charger for 2018 Model 3

    Well, unless I'm wrong, since in my case this was three years ago, but at that time the USB 2.0 to MicroUSB cables were provided. I did use some USB Splitters to separate the Data from the Power to install an USB memory for my Dashcam. However, the right Jeda USB is directly connected to the...
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    Advice on large phone fast wireless charger for 2018 Model 3

    YMMV !!! I have a Jeda for three years with no problem. I use it for my Galaxy Note 8 on Landscape mode. I have a sturdy bumper phone case and my phone was too tall otherwise on Portrait mode. The dimensions of my phone with the bumper cover are: Length:   174 mm  (6" 7/8") Width:    86 mm ...
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    Backed into post below eye level

    This a well know issue, mentioned even before the Model Y was in production. https://www.thedrive.com/news/32793/the-tesla-model-ys-rear-end-design-might-make-it-extremely-expensive-to-repair https://insideevs.com/news/406846/tesla-model-y-rear-hatch-problem-crash/ If you park in the street...
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    Not Available Model Y LR AWD White Black 20" FSD - Reservation Avaliable until 1/1/2022

    I made a Model Y reservation on 4/28/2019, because my brand new Model 3 was rear-ended at that time. Finally my Model 3 got fixed, after 9 months waiting for parts, so I didn't replaced it with a Model Y. The Model Y purchase price was $59,550 including FSD, and now when making the same...
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    Water in the trunk lid

    Could you a pic of those 2 rubber insert and also show the location?
  10. K

    Induction wheels - curb rash

    Well, one week later, I'm sure there will be another scratch !!! Better getting fatter tires.
  11. K

    Induction wheels - curb rash

    Since there is no bent, only scratches, you can easily fix it yourself. There are tons of video on Youtube.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    I remember watching a on YouTube a video where the driver was testing how FSD would be able to make a left turn. This Youtuber was also using a drone to show an above view of the intersection. The big issue was that, to have the side view camera able to see the traffic coming from the left, the...
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    Order on hold until March, email today order will be cancelled?!?

    Did you made a $2,500 reservation or a $100 reservation? What the difference between a P and a Stealth? Only the 19" instead of 20" wheels, no lower suspension, no larger brake...? How much price differenec between an LE AWD and a P?
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    For Level 5, basically the car car drive without a driver inside the car. To do so, you need to add some camera at each corner of the car. to avoid to have the front of the car entering into a crossing lane to make a left or a right turn. Currently, using FSD, it is be impossible to exit...
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    Order on hold until March, email today order will be cancelled?!?

    Something interesting is that I have both a Model 3 and a Model Y reservation. I made the Model 3 Reservation on 4/8/2016 (RN107138---) just when the Model 3 reservation started (and people waited on line outside of the store) !!! I never been requested to activate my Model 3 reservation that I...

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