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    How long do brake pads last?

    Unfortunately I'll never know about my brake life on my p85d, somebody decided to pull in front of me and the car was totalled before it hit 50k miles. I now have an X with the Raven drivetrain. If brakes would have been a problem before they are much less of a problem now. The regen is so good...
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    Model X IRS 100% Deduction “Hummer Loophole” - 2018 Edition

    This has been great, thank you everybody for the information. I have a question that I don't believe has been answered here. It looks like I'm going to be picking up my new Model X on Dec 29th or Dec 30th. This, for better or worse, wasn't intentional. But it does mean that I'm only going to...
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    How does "AutoPilot" saves work with "Hold Steering Wheel"

    I'm a long-time AP1 Tesla owner, but after seeing certain videos like this one: Watch Tesla Autopilot Prevent Side Crash On Highway: Video I'm confused how the user interface works for this. In my case, with me holding the steering wheel, I think I would resist the aggressive lane change that...
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    Extra storage with 3rd-row seating

    The one downside to the (old) 3rd-row seat option is that you lose that under-storage in your trunk (and in my case my frunk is otherwise allocated). Since I almost always leave my 3rd row seats up for my kids, I found out that there is actually a lot of space behind the seats when they are in...
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    Happy wife, happy life (Tesla tip)

    Have you ever forgotten to stop on the way home from work to do something or buy something? Pro tip: open up Google Maps, find the desired stop, send to your Tesla. If you are like me you'll start driving home and get annoyed that the navigation voice is talking to you, and then realize why it...
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    Can someone explain ICE vs EV TCO/TOC

    Theoretically your Ford should have much higher maintenance costs than your Tesla especially as the cars age. If all you have done on your truck is oil changes then you are getting off lucky or are possibly skipping recommended maintenance. Most of the time for an ICE in the first 100k or so...
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    Effect of cold on range

    I just wish we could finally get a feature where we get to set the "charge complete" time instead of the time to start charging. Then in the cold weather your battery will already be warm when you go to drive your car.
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    A (sarcastic) thanks to autopilot

    Makes sense. Typically I just use the brake or use the steering wheel. I don't normally use the stalk. Mostly I will use it if I see traffic stopping way ahead and I want to start gradually slowing down. But of course in this case it was indeed an emergency situation.
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    A (sarcastic) thanks to autopilot

    I'm not sure how, but even though I was a half a car length in front of and to the left of another car, they changed lanes into me. Obviously going faster was better than going slower. I'm fortunate that I saw it coming in time. The good news is I also had the shoulder as a backup option, but...
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    A (sarcastic) thanks to autopilot

    Ideally, sure, I agree. However, in MOST situations, when taking over for AP, it involves hitting the brakes and/or steering aggressively, both of which automatically disengage autopilot. I know from my personal experience in training for emergency situations that it is best to keep the...
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    A (sarcastic) thanks to autopilot

    FYI, that did not seem to work for me. On my second attempt I exited the vehicle. Some combination of taking off my seatbelt and/or getting out of the car is what seems to have worked. I agree with your statement, however the AutoPilot that was advertised to me and I paid for did not penalize...
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    A (sarcastic) thanks to autopilot

    Yup, that's the ideal way to do it, which is certainly what I would do in a non-emergency situation in which I wanted to go over 90mph. But for me personally that doesn't come up.
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    A (sarcastic) thanks to autopilot

    Yes, I understand why they have to be careful. I'd just rather see a better system. Instead of making the AP that I paid for more and more annoying each year, offer a inside camera that can watch the driver instead. Then you can lose the nags, or minimize them. And then if there is an accident...
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    A (sarcastic) thanks to autopilot

    Agreed, except for the jail part. I don't expect AP to work at that speed, nor was I asking it to. It happened to be on, I had to take over, and the taking over involved barely hitting 90mph. Pop up take over immediately and turn off AP. I understand jail for ignoring warnings but immediately...
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    A (sarcastic) thanks to autopilot

    North Georgia has speed limits of 70 or 75 on the open interstates. People regularly go 10-15 over due to the fact you don't get points until you hit 15 over. At 85mph I was being passed by many and passing nobody. It's a moot point though. In Texas speed limits are as high as 85mph. In an...

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