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Recent content by lg_golfs

  1. lg_golfs

    More Model 3 changes and leasing now available

    I used this same idea when I got my S. Part of what goes into the calculation is obviously an enjoyment factor, etc. I would also suggest you keep in mind electricity costs. I have noticed a sharp, obvious drop in my bills since leaving EV. My gas costs is minimal right now. I simply do not...
  2. lg_golfs

    More Model 3 changes and leasing now available

    While the Tesla website showed $4150 down and $699 a month when I called Tesla and added my zip code and talked to a human it became about $6K down $780 a month. Three year lease LR 12K Miles a year on a 51K car. We all have our personal mental limits and while that is something I can pull the...
  3. lg_golfs

    More Model 3 changes and leasing now available

    I hope everyone has been well! It looks like my day might be happily whacked. Will plead guilty to not reading a single post in this thread (yet) and simply showing up to say woo hoo. The majority of my posts before this one was lamenting about the lack of a Model 3 Lease but understanding...
  4. lg_golfs

    Tesla Now Accepts 3rd Party Leasing on Model 3??

    Sorry if this has already been posted. I dug around and could not find it. I called Tesla today out of curiosity to see if there was any new Model 3 leasing news. I was informed that as of two weeks ago Tesla is accepting 3rd party leasing on the Model 3. This is completely different than...
  5. lg_golfs

    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    Got my AWD drive invite Wednesday. Will wait a few months to see if any more information released about when they might start leasing the 3. With my currently extended lease expiring late November I might be caught in a few month gap.
  6. lg_golfs

    Updated autopilot sucks!

    Usually, I side and find myself with the majority here and will place on a flak jacket now. I consider myself a cautious driver. I usually only use AP when on the way to my moms which is a Freeway drive I know well. I also use it sometimes in stop and go freeway traffic. When I do use AP...
  7. lg_golfs

    Model S - Insurance rates?

    My S just turned 3 and its insurance rates went up 30% this year. My insurance blamed the California fires this year which I do believe is not legal. You can always call your insurance before you get the car. Most of them are able to give you base quotes before you purchase the car.
  8. lg_golfs

    So who actually has configured their P or AWD?

    Owner Registered Online 12/26/17 when I heard there was a 300+ range battery Toggled that I am waiting on AWD and Lease. earliestInviteDate":"2018-06-20T00:00:00 They will still not have leases available, so, I will stay low maintenance grumpy for a bit and hope they change their mind before...
  9. lg_golfs

    Has ANYONE been able to complete a M3Dual order?

    Apologies if this has been answered already. I am still on page 3 of the thread. I was able to without issue extend my lease by 6 months with USBank. Had to fill out something and fax it. Oddly, my monthly is now a bit smaller and I was told I can turn in the car anytime within the next 6...
  10. lg_golfs

    Did Tesla just kill the Model S 75D?

    Also let's not currently forget how long it will take for some people to be able to order the P3 where is the 75 is available now.
  11. lg_golfs

    Did Tesla just kill the Model S 75D?

    No lease on the 3 for now. The 75D will be my go to if there is no announced change in those plans when my 70D lease is up in November. It's almost the same monthly cost and makes more sense for me business wise.
  12. lg_golfs

    Theres no other 70d on ev-cpo other than the 1 i ordered.. why?

    My 70D is just about to turn 3 on May 22nd. I was one of the first ones to order one, so, there simply might not be as many getting out of a lease, etc. Now, if you can wait until November 22 (I extended the lease 6 months) and my fortune continue with the car I will post it here online for...
  13. lg_golfs

    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    Watching this thread tonight should be much more entertaining than working on a presentation. Than, again, almost anything is :)
  14. lg_golfs

    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    I am in the boat that I think I will be "forced" to keep in an S. I wanted the lower price point and I was really looking forward to a smaller car. Want the D Want a Lease. I am simply too needy for this car :) My 70D turns 3 next week. I extended the lease for 6 months in hopes leasing...
  15. lg_golfs

    Financing through USAA

    I just got my USAA auto insurance renewal and it went up a crazy 30%. They blamed the wildfires. It's still cheaper than others, but, ouch. Yep. I know it's a thread drift. Apologies.

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