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Recent content by Lon12

  1. Lon12

    Heavy Snow and Icy driving Tip

    Absolutely! Nice and balanced on slippery roads.
  2. Lon12

    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    I found a Tesla owners item at the Calgary University Avenue Save On Foods chargers. Unfortunately PlugShare direct messaging is offline right now. If you lost something there please let me know.
  3. Lon12

    Supercharger - Fort MacLeod, AB

    I had that happen last time as well. Had to move to another unit to get full power.
  4. Lon12

    Any news about costing by kWh instead of by time to supercharge?

    Mitsubishi PHEV Chademo can only take 16 kW max charge rate. You guys have nothing to complain about. :)
  5. Lon12

    Supercharger - Fort MacLeod, AB

    I just charged there this evening. Started at 40% and it ramped up to 120 kW no problem. Picked one of the middle units.
  6. Lon12

    Is purchasing an inventory car that is in another province possible?

    When I was looking at inventory cars from BC or SK I was told I could not buy them as I live in Alberta. That was in the fall last year (2021). We were able to do that before. I purchased my first S from Ontario in 2015. Tesla had it shipped on a truck right to my house. Exciting day:
  7. Lon12

    Supercharger Taxi Overuse - What to do?

    Good points but this location has been a problem for me as well. I book hotels based on their level 2 chargers and expect to be able to fill up while I sleep. Most of the time I find those units are either broken, ICEd or have a taxi using them. Gone are the days when I could drive Calgary to...
  8. Lon12

    Why isn't everyone as upset about the Supercharger increase as I am?

    I still had free supercharging on the way to Vancouver but ran out while I was there. The account shows that I used 670 km credits. On the way back I spent $41.31. Got one free overnight charge at the hotel in Revelstoke, added 84% there.
  9. Lon12

    Why isn't everyone as upset about the Supercharger increase as I am?

    I just did my first Calgary to Vancouver trip with my new Y last week. Outside temperatures around freezing. I have Scan My Tesla to watch the new battery preconditioning in action. My 2018 3 would only start preconditioning around 20 minutes from the charger and barely get to 30C by the time I...
  10. Lon12

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    I don't get any ticking sounds.
  11. Lon12

    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    I watch our Alberta grid production/demand every now and then. As an early EV adopter, I have been subject to the "How do you like your coal burning car?" harassment from other ICE drivers. So I'm happy to notice that we are down to our last coal fired plant. The Genesee #1, 2 and 3. Those are...
  12. Lon12

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    I like them so far. They work well in the snow. Have not tried them much on ice yet. They do seem to hold more of our gravel than the Nokian WRG4 did. Took me a long time to pick all the rocks out the other day.
  13. Lon12

    Recent heat pump failures - software issue?

    My Model Y has been heating really well in the -30 cold weather we have had for the last week or so. https://cdn.motor1.com/images/custom/slide8.JPG
  14. Lon12

    This must be the first 4680 car?

    Just like my post was probably "clickbait". lol
  15. Lon12

    This must be the first 4680 car?

    Pretty sure it is an intentional "bait and switch" tactic. I'm sure the first 4680 car will make front page news.

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