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    Price for basic autopilot to $2k

    Bought it for $2k. Nice...
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    Perf Y Spoiler coming off?

    Remove the spoiler using dental floss, then sell it. Put that money toward some lighter weight 19" or 20" forged wheels with better tires. Sell the old Tesla 21 inch wheels/tires to help reimburse. Now you're out about $800 but have much less unsprung weight. You're welcome! Tesla Model Y 19...
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    PSA Frunk Dents Super Easy

    I love Tesla, but this is one of those stupid things with Teslas. I've felt my frunk pop in when closing, then luckily pop back out. They really need to double up on the frunk metal in the emblem area so we can close our frunk without a chance of denting. It's so lame that I have to explain how...
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    1,200 Mile Road Trip to Houston, TX - Am I Crazy?

    You can do it! Can you borrow a Chademo adapter? There is a Chademo halfway between Wilcox, AZ and Deming, NM. Otherwise, pressure up and drive slow.
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    South Central Louisana Owners Rejoice!

    Still waiting...
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    Supercharger - Lafayette, LA

    Wish this would open up....
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    Where can I buy a Tesla Model 3 air filter?

    Jesus H Christ! I still can't find these. I live 200 miles from service center, so I just want to pick these up and change them. Come on, Tesla! Lord almighty! Do I have to get Rich Rebuilds to petition Congress or something! It's a frickin air filter! Let's get with the program! This is...
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    Got it on our Nov 2017 build Model X. Now maps are very slow, streaming slower, and the phone unlock does not work. Anyone else having issues?
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    Model Y Tire Size?

    Another chance! Anyone get a high resolution pic of the red Model Y's tires at today's shareholders meeting in full sunlight? Tire size needed, please!
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    Hint: Hitch plastic cover clips

    I see what you did there... Very nice. I may try that.
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    Problems opening the charge port with the home cord button

    Good to know. I also got the same problem as the OP introduced on 2019.8.5 along with other issues like radio functions delayed and rear camera freezing. Waiting for the next update to see if that fixes things.
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    Model 3 ground clearance

    Yes, gouged the underside on a speed bump on week 1. I go very slowly over them now, like complete complete stop, then crawl over. Roads are made for trucks and SUVs here, with no regard to eco cars.
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    Is a 270 mile interstate leg feasible from a 100% charge?

    Wow. We are really still talking about needing a Supercharger on i40 between OKC and Little Rock. Un-friggin believable... C'mon Tesla!
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    Long-range or Performance

    I have the performance Model 3 with 18 inch wheels. I prefer the softer, but still sporty ride of the 18s. Still, I think the long range RWD version is the best bang for the buck if you don't need AWD. BTW, these 18 inch wheels fit the P3D+: 18
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    protecting against break ins

    Replace small windows with plexiglass. Install alarm system with audio sensor. A hit to the plexiglass activates alarm.

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