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Recent content by Marcia L

  1. Marcia L

    T Sportline TS1 spare wheel and tire kit: opinions?

    I am getting new tires and thought about keeping the best of the old and buying a wheel from T Sportline and using as a full sized spare. However I do not think it will fit in the under space of my 2018 MX and I don't want to have to store it on the back top, premium space, while traveling. I...
  2. Marcia L

    Tesla has a lot of offline software improvements to make unless they want upset Cybertruck owners

    No I haven't. Have not even been there with my Tesla yet, charging seems to be a bit of an issue.
  3. Marcia L

    Wind noise from front windows

    Noises can be hard to pin down. I had a loud whistling noise at high speed. It sounded like it was coming from the passenger side, behind the front seat. Tesla Service spend a lot of time trying to pin down where the noise was coming from. Fortunately it was under warranty. Turned out it was a...
  4. Marcia L

    Ac issue

    I have a 2018 MX P100D and am in Arizona. I have driven plenty of times in extreme heat with no issues, what that SC told you is BS and totally unacceptable IMO. From 2 experiences, I have found I cannot make multiple supercharger stops when it is hot out and sit in the car with the A/C running...
  5. Marcia L

    2018 A/C problem

    Thank you, I had just found that thread when you posted. Not sure if anything there is applicable to my situation. I would think if it needs freon or the compressor went out, it would not work the next morning like it did. I haven't driven it yet since we got home all hot and sweaty. I'm still...
  6. Marcia L

    2018 A/C problem

    I got the dreaded 'A/C is being reduced' message again yesterday. This seems to be a recurring issue with my car (5-seater P100D). Went for a drive yesterday, 75 miles. Charged at Supercharger 31 minutes, drove 35 miles with one short stop; supercharged again for 8 minutes before returning home...
  7. Marcia L

    Anybody install an Ohmmu battery in their X? Looking for feedback.

    I can only find threads on S and 3 for Ohmmu battery. I have the OEM battery in my MX, it is 3 years 4 months and still going but planning an extended camping trip soon which will include have a Dometic refrigerator plugged in the 12V. OEM battery is still under warranty but Tesla won't replace...
  8. Marcia L

    My Top Tesla Accessories - What are yours?

    Hmmm, hard to tell from those photos but pretty sure my car came with this. It's the space underneath that is the problem because it is continuous with the back trunk space that is below it, and nothing to keep items from sliding back and down with both covers in place.
  9. Marcia L

    My Top Tesla Accessories - What are yours?

    Suggestions for the back hidden space under the rear cover and in front of the back trunk? I have 5-seater 2018 MX and anytime I put anything under there, it inevitably slides to the back and drops down into the trunk. I don't want an organizer, I just want a bar or something to keep stuff from...
  10. Marcia L

    Which is better? More range or free Supercharging?

    I would go with range. It's a PITA to unhook the trailer to charge IMO. Longer range, maybe you can skip some SCs. I'm in the same situation, my MX has free supercharging. I have a Cybertruck on order and plan to use it as tow vehicle instead. It is more capable, has more room, won't be...
  11. Marcia L

    Power Limited - Please Schedule Service - Potentially Trailer Mode Related?

    I had another wire run from the battery to pin 1 on the 7-pin like Tesla service recommended. Just picked up the car from the shop this morning but haven't had time to test it. Hopefully that will solve the issue. They think it will.
  12. Marcia L

    Power Limited - Please Schedule Service - Potentially Trailer Mode Related?

    I know this thread is old but I just found out about it because my Tesla service tech printed it out for me. We had this problem recently and it was an awful experience. Because we were in Texas, on a 2+ week trip from Arizona. I have a 2018 MX P100D, bought in March 2018, towing a Bowlus Road...
  13. Marcia L

    A/C problem while Supercharging: again!

    I have no idea. Is that something that would be checked routinely on an annual service? I had it serviced in March 2020.
  14. Marcia L

    A/C problem while Supercharging: again!

    Is there any way to modify or beef up the cooling capacity of the 5-seater Model X? I just had this happen to me again on August 1: while supercharging, I got a yellow warning message that said cabin air conditioning was being reduced. Which really means no A/C in the cabin. I stopped...
  15. Marcia L

    Tesla has a lot of offline software improvements to make unless they want upset Cybertruck owners

    Thank you for this thread. Interesting things to consider. I have a MX and frequently go off on dirt roads, forest roads. I live in southern Arizona and no Superchargers south of I-10. I worry more about flat tires. How many of you carry a spare and the necessary equipment to change a flat? My...

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