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    Model Y Performance - going from 21" to 19" wheels

    Yep - or at least it did on mine!
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    Model Y Performance - going from 21" to 19" wheels

    Hello Folks! I want a bit more smoother ride, as well as the advantage of more mileage on my Model Y. Now that the software update has the option to change the size of your tires, I am getting things ready. I like the look of these: Tesla Model Y 19" TSV Flow Forged Tesla Wheel and Tire...
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    I just received my hub this evening! I will get it installed tomorrow morning. Finally! It's been a long haul for this guy. And @Kodemonkey - mine was shipped from Moreno Valley, CA. Matt
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    Battery Drain while parked

    @Barrygold - right now - I have EVERYTHING off, while I troubleshoot with the Tesla service rep. No USB storage for sentry mode, I changed my credentials on my tesla account (and turned off TeslaFi), turned off Wifi, turned off data sharing, turned off Summon..... At this point it's been...
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    Battery Drain while parked

    Just an update on this - I have been testing many things with the Tesla support team. I have tried: Turning off wifi Turning off Data Sharing Turning off A/C Turning off Summon They are definately seeing the battery drain 4-5% the first couple of hours when I am parked, but still haven't...
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    Battery Drain while parked

    Even stranger - it was parked this afternoon - and it *gained* 3% back?
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    Battery Drain while parked

    Yep - did a hard reboot yesterday morning.
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    Battery Drain while parked

    @DaveORD Yep - for sure checked that - and I can see in TeslaFi that the A/C was not on.... here is the battery loss for this morning - 4% in 1.5 hours - just sitting there! I will turn off TeslaFi next monday morning and see if I get different behaviour.
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    Battery Drain while parked

    Eventually it does go to sleep - after about 45m. I can turn off TeslaFi entirely and see if that makes a different. Good call. @kenadams - I only have TeslaFi hooked up - I can disable that setting in the UI though - it would be a good test.
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    Battery Drain while parked

    Hi Folks - ever since the last software update, I have noticed that my battery is draining while my car is parked. I always charge to 70% - and driving to work in the morning takes me down to 64 or 65%. Then - while sitting there waiting to fall asleep the car drops another 3-5% in a couple of...
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    Perf Y Spoiler coming off?

    The same thing is happening to mine - I have an appointment with the service center next week to resolve. I will let you know if they ask the same thing - obviously my answer will be that it's a defect.
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    Auto park curbed my rims!

    Man - I did this to MYSELF today.... first time parking against a curb - i guess all my other cars - the wheels haven't stuck out beyond the tire.... so - I just asked Dr. Wheel for a quote :( Matt
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    Model Y door opening after going to sleep

    I just got 2020.5.10.8 a couple of days ago, and haven't had the problem since. Thanks for the tip on the hard reboot! Matt
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    Just got notification for update for 12.10!

    I got the 2020.5.10.8 update today at lunch - anyway to "kick it" to get this update as well, or do I just have to wait?
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    Model Y door opening after going to sleep

    Hi Folks, I have had my Model Y about 3 weeks now - and about 1,100 miles. Absolutely love it! But - starting this weekend, something weird started occuring opening my door when the car is asleep. The window doesn't go down all the way, and takes a few seconds to go down the full way - it...

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