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    iPhone Maps Address Share Not Working [rebooting phone fixed issue]

    Hey there, I've been having this issue as well, on my iPhone 8+. I thought it was possibly an issue with having an older phone, but it sounds like not. The only thing I've figured out that works to solve this is to reboot my phone, and POOF, the Tesla app shows up as an option again.
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    Tesla app disappearing as Apple maps sharing option - found a solution

    Interesting! I also have an iPhone 8+. Maybe this is Apple's new sneaky strategy for planned obsolescence, now that the battery thing got found out.... 😝
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    Tesla app disappearing as Apple maps sharing option - found a solution

    Hey there, I keep having an issue and I figured I'd share my best solve for it, and see if anyone else has a better answer. So, you know how you can pull up a destination or a contact in your iPhone and hit the "share" button, and share it to your Tesla? Well, I've been having an issue that...
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    Blog Musk Says Tesla is Working on ‘Grief’ from Collision Repair

    This is 100% true from everything I've found. Best option is to go to your local Tesla owners' club (I found a good one on Facebook) and ask who the Tesla authorized body shops are, rather than messing around with anyone else who will have to get authorized before they can even order parts...
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    Blog Musk Says Tesla is Working on ‘Grief’ from Collision Repair

    I was VERY surprised to hear that Tesla Insurance was available in Texas in this article. Because it is not. Not on the website, not anywhere. It may be in the works, what with the Gigafactory and all, but it's not there yet. And, getting service through the Tesla Austin service center is a...
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    Thule Roof Cargo Box Size?

    Does anyone know if the Thule Pulse will fit on MY? It is $2-300 less expensive than these models on Amazon right now and I'd rather save the money. It says it's a no-go with M3.
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    Dear Elon: just remove navigation from your cars

    I had no idea you could do that!! So cool.
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    Tesla made a *HOUSE CALL*

    True. It was the 12v, so not quite as major, but still cool/odd to have a service appointment complete in my driveway in 10 min, without me having to be there. Anyone else experience "mobile service" on their Teslas yet?
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    Tesla made a *HOUSE CALL*

    Actually, I just checked the service invoice, and you're right, it was the 12v battery. Now, I'm a little disappointed.
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    Tesla made a *HOUSE CALL*

    Nope. As I say, I wasn't there to see what they were doing.
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    Tesla made a *HOUSE CALL*

    I recently had the WEIRDEST and probably coolest auto maintenance experience ever with my Model Y, and thought I'd share it here. I got my MY in September, and from the beginning, I was noticing a weird, chemically, hot-battery smell outside the car when I would drive with the windows open...
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    Weird burnt smell? Anyone else?

    OK, good to know that this is not normal!
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    Weird burnt smell? Anyone else?

    No, it's coming from outside the car.
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    Weird burnt smell? Anyone else?

    Hey there, I have had my MY for just about a month now and LOVE it. Lots of fun to drive, etc. But, when I open the windows while driving (weather has been lovely in TX the last couple of weeks), I get this really funky burnt smell from the car. The smell is definitely battery-esque, though...
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    Electric Lawnmowers

    I bought the EGO mower, blower and weedeater about 4 years ago, and I love the fact that a) there is no gas/oil mixture to deal with, b) I don't have to pull that stupid cord (I have t-rex arms), c) I'm not polluting the environment to have a nice yard, d) they are sooo quiet, and e) there is no...

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