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    Updating Software at Tesla Service Center

    Yea again special circumstance. You cant get regular updates over LTE. Imagine down voting everyone's post saying their wrong because you got 2 recall Otas over LTE in one year..
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    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    Why is this update so large in terms of file size? Usually car updates are a gig or two tops. Maps are usually the large ones. This download is only 60% done and it's already 3.8 gb... New fsd models take up that much space? Had to pause the download cause it took more data thstn expected.
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    Rail Rust?

    Just washed my car and when I looking over it at dusk, I spotting all these tiny "smudges" all over my trunk, with looks like a little microscopic rust dots in the center of it. If you run hand over it you can feel it. Trying to google search keeps telling me its Rail Rust...but I keep going...
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    Updating Software at Tesla Service Center

    You can't download software updates over LTE, period. Premium or Standard. You're misunderstanding what the manul says. It's stating that cars with standard connectivity still gets OTA updates, in general. Not that it gets it over LTE. OTA does not mean LTE.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Like telling someone they dont care enough about their car and to stay in their city? You instigated this entire thing you entitled smug prick. PPF doesn't do anything after the car was damaged. The thread was clearly asking about rescourse after the fact. What does PPF do for me then? No one...
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    Snippiness 2.0

    You're not allowed to grieve or have a complaint. You just gotta care about your car more bro. How dare you for not caring enough! Just ask Vaildriver.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    According to validriver, you dont' care about your car enough. Its not Tesla's fault for bad QC its your fault for not caring about your car enough. How dare you suggest including mud flaps and ppf stock on a $60k car! Vaildriver cares about his car more than you care about yours, so you...
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    Snippiness 2.0

    If I really cared about my car? Stayed in SD? Lol. Move along you dumb bot. The nerv of this guy, smh. God I cannot stand know it alls who assume they know everything about everyone. You are the epitome of a douchebag Tesla owner. Just because you have no life and lerk these forums and do...
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    MY Front Window Tint Only

    No, I keep pushing it back because it's not a necessity. One of these days!
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    Sentry Cam Randomly Hyper Sensitive - 52 events in 1 hour?!

    Out of the blue, my sentry cam has become ridiculously ultra sensative. I just had 52 events in 1 hour after my neighbor told me lights keep blinking. All the videos are triggeredd by cars driving by several blocks away. Yet someone walks by my car and it doesn't trigger it all. Is this v11...
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Do you not understand I started this thread? Im replying to all the people who responded with me about "SHOULDA GOT PPF DUR HUR" - which absolutely does not help in anyway. How about shipping the actual product road worthy. Made this trip 6 times in a MOdel 3 and never needed PPF. Made the...
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    1k Roadtrip with MY - looks like my car was sandblasted.

    Yea, this is dumb. If it was necessary, it should be included with the car. I hate the logic behind this. "buy $60k car, but then when you get it, you have to buy a bunch of accessories from us, THEN you're safe to drive" Horrible.
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    1k Roadtrip with MY - looks like my car was sandblasted.

    I live in San Diego and have never driven in the snow or planned to. All these "this is why you should get PPF" comments are not helpful. Never had it on my M3 and never had any issues like this, ever.
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    1k Roadtrip with MY - looks like my car was sandblasted.

    Midnight Silver Metallic. Hood has maybe a half dozen white chips sprinkled all around.
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    1k Roadtrip with MY - looks like my car was sandblasted.

    Took a roadtrip from San Diego to tahoe. Made this trip several times in my M3, never had anything crazy happen to the paint. I come back from this trip with my new MY and there is white paint chips all over the car. On the back wheels where you'd put mud flaps, it looks like someone...

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