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  1. MosquitoFloss

    Audio (immersive sound?) cutting in and out.

    Thanks guys. I guess I'll call it in anyway and hope it's sorted soon. Glad it's software related (hopefully).
  2. MosquitoFloss

    Audio (immersive sound?) cutting in and out.

    Any anyone experienced their sound cutting in and out? It sounds like either everything but the dash speakers cutting out or possibly it's immersive sound related. Either way it happens a few times an hour. Doesn't matter which of the audio sources is in play. Currently on 2019.40.2.1 I've...
  3. MosquitoFloss

    2019.32.12.2 is full on Nervous Nellie Mode

    Anyone else getting front impact warning beeps way more than ever with this update? It's driving me crazy. I also have had a few instances of rolling into a controlled stop at around 5 mph, and as I approach the car in front of me the car totally locks up it's breaks when I'm still about 8...
  4. MosquitoFloss

    V10 for non FSD

    V10 indeed! I celebrated with a rousing rendition of Proud Mary on Caraoke!
  5. MosquitoFloss

    V10 for non FSD

    I did not purchase FSD. I'll report back as soon as it has loaded.
  6. MosquitoFloss

    V10 for non FSD

    Oh man, this could be it. Currently on 2019.32.2.2 (EAP/SoCal). Just started a 35 min update. Fingers crossed!
  7. MosquitoFloss

    TuneIn Radio “Loading Error”

    Has anyone figured out a solution? I tried one person's idea of creating my own tunein account and logging in with that, installing the tunein app on my phone, setting the audio quality to medium or low, and guess what??? Loading error. Bummer. I miss some of my favorite podcasts that now no...
  8. MosquitoFloss

    TuneIn Radio “Loading Error”

    Same boat. Bummed.
  9. MosquitoFloss

    Tesla Software 2019.16.2

    Still waiting for an update here. RWD LR M3 in SoCal. Been on 2019.12.1.2 for a while now.
  10. MosquitoFloss

    Tesla Software 2019.16.2

    I'm in the same boat.
  11. MosquitoFloss

    Recommended USB drive for dashcam

    These Samsung microSD's are on sale today as a daily amazon deal (25% off). Just ordered one. Thanks.
  12. MosquitoFloss

    Buzz/rattle in either dashboard or mirror housing

    I thought my driver's side window was rattling when I was driving over rough freeway at higher speeds. Today I was isolate it to the seatbelt mechanism, somewhere where the shoulder part of the seatbelt meets it's housing. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. MosquitoFloss

    Glovebox phantom opening?

    Mine had stopped phantom opening for quite some time. Then today I had to open it and it will no longer stay closed. Can't get it in for an appointment for a couple of weeks. Guess I'll be driving around in my new car with a duct-taped dash. Sweet.
  14. MosquitoFloss

    Slacker Radio Love it or Hate it?

    Slacker is fine for a free offering, but it would be nice if you could integrate other options. My beef is that if I feel like listening to the Rolling Stones, it will offer up "Start Me Up" or some other super obvious top 5 song, then make me sit through The Who, The Beatles, The Eagles, and...
  15. MosquitoFloss


    Ditto here. Just loaded 28.2. Currently charging at a service center so I haven’t had a chanc to take it for a run.

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