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  1. MrSlowEv

    Is it possible to live with the 20" Uberturbines without getting flats/damaged wheels?

    I have a 21 model M3P on Uberturbines with roughly 5k miles. I hit my first pot hole really hard with the left front wheel last week at about 60 mph last week actually. It did cause a bubble on the left front tire sidewall but The wheel isn’t damaged. I would say that they are no less durable...
  2. MrSlowEv

    Is this a normal sound?

    Yeah, a loose wheel fastener sounds like the most plausible cause. Crazy… thanks again for sharing.
  3. MrSlowEv

    Is this a normal sound?

    That’s odd. Now it makes me more curious as to what the cause was. Thanks for sharing. Did you bring the car into the shop to remedy the sound or was it just for Routine maintenance and they happened to remedy it? I wonder if maybe a rock of something foreign fell out from the rotor front brake...
  4. MrSlowEv

    Is this a normal sound?

    I have a 2021 M3P w/ almost 4K miles and my vehicle does not exhibit that sound when turning the steering wheel in like manner to the video.
  5. MrSlowEv

    2021 Performance vibration

    Inspecting for a bent wheel with only the naked eye can be hard to catch unless the wheel(s) are severely bent. The best way to find that type of imperfection is on a wheel balancer, where it spins the wheel at a high speed making the flat spot visible as a “wobble” while the wheel spins. It is...
  6. MrSlowEv

    M3P - Who switched from a (true) sports car?

    The M3P is still somewhat new to me so that may contribute to why I find it so fun to drive. The Cts-V had to be on Mickey Thompson drag radials street ss tires to put the power down in second gear and up. That being said I sacrificed cornering/handling performance. Between slamming gears and...
  7. MrSlowEv

    . . . but what do you miss from your old car?

    I miss the sound of the supercharger whine under wide open throttle…the only whining I hear now is from my wife in the passenger seat :(
  8. MrSlowEv

    M3P - Who switched from a (true) sports car?

    I came from a 2009 Cadillac Cts-V manual transmission sedan. It was making 770whp/700rwtq. From 0-50mph (on a non prepped surface) my 2021 M3P would leave it behind but the V would catch it fast in terms of straight line acceleration. The M3P’s Awd system gives it better handling. In terms of...
  9. MrSlowEv

    Phantom Braking - Has it gotten better?

    I have a 2021 M3P with almost 2k miles on the odometer. We took delivery last month around the 25th. I’ve experienced phantom braking once so far. It was raining and dark (early AM) on a bendy section of the freeway, the audible brake warning came on and the brakes were moderately applied. It...
  10. MrSlowEv

    Fastest model 3 AWD on dragtimes (And how you can too)

    Thanks for sharing. Great tips given with thorough explanations.
  11. MrSlowEv

    2021 Performance vibration

    Hey Fiveinline, are they covering the wheel and tire replacement under warranty? I understand that tires are wear items, I’m just hoping that they they would own up to it seeing that most of us have had the vibration since brand new..
  12. MrSlowEv

    2021 model 3 Red Paint different ? [no- vehicle in question is wrapped]

    I’m sure dirt affects the way the color looks as with any other color. Our M3P is spotless 95% of the time. It is parked in the garage and is our third vehicle, only used for recreational use. To us, the color is dependent on lighting. FWIW, despite the color changing, we get compliments from...
  13. MrSlowEv

    2021 model 3 Red Paint different ? [no- vehicle in question is wrapped]

    I have the Red Multi Coat on my 2021 model M3P and it definitely changes color with different lighting. Just the way the sun hits it, changes the color. I go from absolutely loving the color to only being able tolerate it at multiple times throughout the day. To my eyes, it changes from a deep...
  14. MrSlowEv

    2021 Model 3 Performance Regen Braking Dots

    That makes complete sense, thanks for the input.
  15. MrSlowEv

    2021 Performance vibration

    Ah okay, thanks for the info guys. Thanks for the welcome Phlier, it’s the members like you that made me decide to join this forum 😃

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