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    Frame Damage on a used Model S

    Tesla is offering to make you whole. Seems to me that your issue is with your ins company, as it is their responsibility to replace your vehicle with a like kind vehicle, even if it now costs more than you paid. Of course I don't know your ins contract, or the rules in your State, but that is...
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    Smart Summon issues?

    "Wonder how this release even passed testing on this feature." LOL Welcome to Tesla. You are the testing.
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    Model S Plaid Paint Coat Issue

    You can be absolutely sure that Tesla will blame it on the film if you put it on, guarantied. Getting fixed at Tesla, well, it's Tesla 😖
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    Is there a problem here with neutral and ground

    In the old days the neutrals and the grounds were all on one bar, now we isolate the neutrals from the grounds. Your panel has grounds and neutrals mixed together on both bars, and it looks like it's tied together at the bottom. In your case all the neutrals should be on the right and all the...
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    I retrofit MCU2, IC2, Tuner2, and FSD Computer into my HW2.0 Car

    Very well done. I hear-by nominate you for the rank of Mad Scientist. :)
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    It takes time to BBQ a skunk properly. I wonder if they subpoenaed and received all the info the Feds required of Tesla.
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    eMMC recall reimbursement

    Yes, Tesla does have a belligerent attitude about many things, and to me that's all the more reason to take them to task. I agree with you that, If a person is billing out at $500/hr and has more work than they can keep up with, and No Free time, then of course it isn't worth their time. I think...
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    eMMC recall reimbursement

    Actually it costs Tesla more. Arbitration costs $0. Small claims is a small filing fee, which is included in a judgment when you win. It takes a little time but very little money, on the other hand, Tesla has to pay staff to deal with each claim, and travel if in small claims. After they lose 10...
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    eMMC recall reimbursement

    Not the method I would use, or suggest. I would file for arbitration, If I got no satisfaction there, I would file in small claims. Filling for arbitration should get you some attention from Tesla legal, that's what happen with yellow screens. legally, Tesla has no leg to stand on, Tesla offered...
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    eMMC recall reimbursement

    They owe you $1280. Don't accept less.
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    Ex Tesla Forums community: We were closed down by Tesla: Engage has nowhere to go.

    Yes there are, and yes they do, but they don't take over every thread with their cheerleading BS, like in that forum, which, I believe, is the reason most of us left.
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    Ex Tesla Forums community: We were closed down by Tesla: Engage has nowhere to go.

    Left there a long time ago. Got tired of the true cult followers that will make any excuse for Tesla, hope they don't show up here. I consider this a more level headed place.
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    Sentry Mode bust!

    Yes, good point. In Michigan, punitive damages are not permitted to punish defendants, but exemplary damages are awarded to the plaintiff for especially despicable behavior on the part of the defendant. Punitive, exemplary, Hmm, seems like a distinction without a difference.
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    Sentry Mode bust!

    Simple. Let the do whatever they will, then file in small claims, for actual and punitive damages, to the max allowed in small claims. If that doesn't deserve punitive damages, I don't know what does. When he has to pay out of his pocket, that's when he will learn.

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