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    Tesla (the company) killing itself slowly?

    It's worse. If the serious fans are having this much trouble, just try to imagine what ordinary people without "connections" are experiencing. There appears to be someone at executive level in Tesla who is deliberately obstructing communications with customers. I have a contact at Fremont...
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    Going on 4 weeks waiting on a part!

    I will say 4 weeks for a part is something I've had happen on other brands. (3 months, however, is NOT.) The bigger problem is the communications failures; they should know when the part is arriving, it should arrive on time, they should schedule service for right after it arrives, you get the...
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    Buyback Questions

    There's a long story. His autopilot failed. He seems to have a faulty DAS computer, but Tesla doesn't want to replace it. Hiis X sat at the service center for five weeks without having any repairs done on it, in the baking sun, and developed the yellow screen during that time period. He...
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    Front hood won't stay shut in the heat - Tesla Service 4 attempts to resolve

    This is a very unusual problem. I am sorry to hear that Tesla's service hell is making the problem worse for you.
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    Service and communication (out of main)

    Yeah, I don't use the app, so I'm watching the website refusing to schedule mobile service. This is amateurish, with mobile service only accessible through an app and service centers only through the website, and neither through the other means. Could be worse. (Other things are worse, of...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    The clowns I know, who are all extremely careful to follow rules (clowning is dangerous and can cause customer lawsuits, so they follow strict rules) would be offended by that statement
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    Supercharger - Lake Geneva, WI

    From what I know about how this is done, you can remove it (and they *should*), but you have to pretty much encase it / wrap it in order to remove it (so that it comes out encased), so it actually costs more than leaving it in place. It's possible to take it out encased in dirt; this can be...
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    Shorting Oil, Hedging Tesla

    They're already four years into that. So that'll be tough. But I think they can do it, because China uses big-stick methods like banning gasoline car registrations. They've already put 10 times as many electric buses on the road as the rest of the world combined, which probably accounts for a...
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    Supercharger - Alexandria, MN

    Let me add my support if you decide to do a media campaign. I live in upstate NY, but I have friends in North Dakota, and I can't visit them by car due to the "North Dakota Black Hole of Supercharging". I *think* Tesla understands the importance of making it possible to get everywhere... but...
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    How does one justify it...

    For me? I cursed whenever I went to a gas (petrol) station. So I justified the monetary expenditure as being worth the peace of mind. I didn't know what a screaming nightmare it would be trying to get service. (Actually *getting* service is fine once they're *doing* the service, it's...
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    Service and communication (out of main)

    Followup: I just found out that any service center which is fully booked registers on the website as "can't book online" / "nonexistent", and the website directs you to the next service center hundreds of miles away rather than giving you a way to contact the fully-booked service center. Geez.
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    Long-Term Fundamentals of Tesla Motors (TSLA)

    Fair enough -- then they need to learn how to actually sell used cars. Tesla lacks the know-how and the tech docs to resell them -- they're selling pigs in pokes at the moment, where people can't even find out what the specs, condition, and repair history of the car they're getting are. That's...
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    Service and communication (out of main)

    Well, since you can't make mobile service requests directly any more, I'm not surprised. According to multiple sources, the only way to reach Mobile Service now is to first schedule an appointment with a service center. Then the service center decides whether to ask Mobile Service whether they...
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    Service and communication (out of main)

    Good news! Feeling very grumpy about all this, I don't remember which post it was but I'm sure there was *something* to disagree with. :oops: Still, my bottom line is, for corporate survival, it has to be possible to reach someone through some documented channel which any customer can use...
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    Long-Term Fundamentals of Tesla Motors (TSLA)

    So, I still think the only thing which can actually kill Tesla is not answering the phone. But... in things which will *hurt* Tesla if they manage to start answering the phone.... (A) I'm beginning to get worried that Tesla is trying to avoid complying with its warranty obligations, express or...

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