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    Is leaving Tesla plugged in while not charging really beneficial?

    Good. I keep it at 50% or less unless going on a trip. I actually wish the GUI would allow you to set a limit less than 50%. You say always plug in. Even when leaving for just a few hours or overnight? Thanks for the input.
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    Is leaving Tesla plugged in while not charging really beneficial?

    Read my post Rocky. It says 50% not 90%. Announcement?? No I did not recommend an announcement. Somebody on this thread says it harms the battery life to charge over 50% . I doubt that hence my comment. Does it??
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    Is leaving Tesla plugged in while not charging really beneficial?

    This is another topic entirely. I never charge to over 50% unless doing a trip the next day. You can't set less than 50% as the setpoint anyway. I find it odd Tesla wouldn't give a warning if it harms long term health of the batteries to exceed 50%. The original question in the thread, is it...
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    Is leaving Tesla plugged in while not charging really beneficial?

    Good question. I get the whole point of your question. If you don't need to charge, yet you CAN plug in, SHOULD you plug in? If battery has say 50% charge or more, left only overnight, is there ANY point to plugging in? I have wondered the same. There is hassle to constantly...
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    Supercharger details popup obscured by list of nearby superchargers. Workaround?

    This problem recently surfaced in a new upgrade! Have had MY for almost two years, the UI has gone backwards in recent upgrades. This is one example.
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    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    Overall hard to beat our Model Y. Other electric SUV's seem expensive. Would be interested to know if any around $50K. It's amazing the generous interior storage the MY offers for the overall exterior size and appearance of the vehicle. A few shortcomings (wiper controls) and some of the...
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    Pickup is in three days - still no request for final payment?

    On pickup day, we went to the dealership, checked the car, signed all the paperwork, set up the app, paired to car, and the rep gaves us our keycards. Then he said have a great weekend and enjoy your new Tesla! We were about to walk to the car and drive away when I asked, what about our final...
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    Trip planner disappeared after upgrade??

    It does not seem possible to downgrade. Too bad. The new UI is less useful. Nav window doesn't show the battery level at destination on the screen like it did before, you now need to constantly scroll down with your finger to the bottom of the window to see it. Not safe when driving and it...
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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    It's confusing at first. Well I wasn't confused when I drove my Tesla out of the lot over a year ago after never test driving one. UI was easy out of the box and took a couple minutes to get used to. This one is not. This UI takes a couple days to get used to, is not a good UI. Especially...
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    This new UI sucks

    Good point, the bot assumes the car drives itself while the human plays. In theory, that would work.
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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Different, cool, silly. No, I bragged to friends about how easy the Tesla is to drive, the simple intuitive driver friendly UI, and the great Trip Planner in the Nav so you never run out of charge. After this upgrade, I stopped bragging. Now I say it's different cool, silly. They are not...
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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    One man's step backward is another man's going forward. I'll gladly take a step backward and uninstall the upgrade and go forward. Is there a way to do this?
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    Profile Name on main screen gone.

    Don't assume things are changed for good reasons or some roadmap. Sometimes people make bad decisions or mistakes are made. Or its designed by a bot (sarc). So far the verdict on this "new" UI is thumbs down. It`s hard to even call it new when it is so clearly a step backward.
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    Profile Name on main screen gone.

    Correct. Ah the little things become big things in actual real life scenarios. This UI is so much less than the previous UI, it's hard to believe it was designed by a human driver. Designed by bot?
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    New version should have come with a WARNING

    Upgrade should have come with a warning "If you like the UI, don't upgrade'. "If you don't like the UI, upgrade". Wonder how many would have upgraded or passed on it?? Now it's too late and we are stuck with a step backward UI. There is no way to downgrade and have the better UI, which in this...

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