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    WTB. - Gen 2 or Gen 3 Tesla charger in the GTA

    I don't but found my second one on Kijiji. Took some time but they do pop up occasionally.
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    Supercharging in Canada Too Expensive?

    I think most of us knew that building out a fast charging network by themselves was the strategic thing for Tesla to do, despite having burned through a lot of cash (on the brink of bankruptcy if you recall), as they needed to alleviate this whole issue of range anxiety. Funny enough, at least...
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    Does my 2014 have a Heated Steering Wheel?

    I have a 2014 P85D that has a heated steering wheel. It should show up when you turn on climate control on your app. There is a small heated steering wheel icon by the steering wheel that allows you to turn it on remotely.
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    Paint damage

    Ugh those pictures are painful to see. Sorry for that - I've always been concerned with this though I noticed that the Model Y, whether due to design or not, seems to be more susceptible to this sand blasting (my plastic trims are also sandblasted in that area). I've had my 3 since 2018 and...
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    Secret way to put gas in a model 3!!!

    Come on - it'd at least help make the irony clearer for some when EV charging spots get ICEd. ;) There are a few times I've had to stop by a gas station for a snack (pre-COVID) and the only spot is, of course, right by the door to the convenience store/cashier and forcing me to take up a gas...
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    Pay for a color or get it wrapped?

    You could do a wrap over PPF - did it with our Model Y. Initially wanted to go with a full matte PPF but the Tesla paint job was so bad that the dust underneath the paint and clearcoat would show up like little specks. Not noticeable normally but you won't be able to un-see it once you do. My...
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    Secret way to put gas in a model 3!!!

    What? No electric snowblower? :D:D:D
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    Will Tesla Mobile Service Swap Winter Tires?

    Had a flat tire and the mobile ranger came to install a new tire. He was willing to swap tires since he was already there but I don't have them yet. He also said he would charge the same rate as you'd get with coming in to get the tires swapped or a standalone mobile appointment. Long story...
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    Pops/Bangs/Humming Noises

    It'll happen at any time. It's jarring and used to be very concerning as it doesn't sound that great for the car. You'll get used to it over time. It happens with my 3 and also now with my Y - metal contracting and expanding as the battery cools and heats. You're also bound to see it happen...
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    Ontario green plates

    That's too bad - I got my plates swapped for Oakville delivery on August 1, just had to drop off the plates a day or two beforehand. Must've just squeezed in before they shut it down.
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    Trading in M3 LR for MY

    I'll converse with you over PM. Easier that way.
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    Trading in M3 LR for MY

    Haven't traded in but still have my 3. The forum has the usual delivery issues to look out for. In terms of difference between the 3 and Y, there's not much to report. Other than what you've highlighted, are there any other specific issues you're concerned about?
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    Wall Connector front glass

    Oh no! Such a sad picture. Is it still safe to use or did the internal components get damaged also?
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    Heated steering wheel for y

    Meh, have had both heated and non-heated steering wheels across many ICE and EVs. One thing I will say is, and agree with others, I will never buy another car without the ability to precondition with my phone.
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    XPEL Stealth PPF & Pearl White Question

    I'd agree with paint perfection for stealth PPF. I was going to do it until my installer pointed out the 43 paint defects on the car that was fresh from delivery. He tested a small area and the stealth PPF really brings out the imperfections like dust under the clear coat or anything unsmooth...

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