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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Well mostly correct. The Diagnosis was 100% over the air, and when I specifically asked if my car was currently capped there was only mention that packs naturally degrade, and the capping logic is built in. But yes, Issue opened 9/13 - Message received 9/17 that all is well (it wasn't), 10/2 -...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Whelp - I opened a service case about 2 weeks ago with Tesla regarding the range loss and they leaned on the normal degradation argument and closed my service case. I had one more decent road trip last weekend to the coast and on the way home - the Nav battery estimates both to the Supercharger...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I actually did read through that earlier this year - really good info. I guess I didn't follow that this condition detection could happen at any time in the future, and at that point there's still this "burn in" period that is required. I'm all for ensuring the safety of the pack, and can also...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I've driven on % my entire ownership - but the ScanMyTesla view shows RatedRange @ 224mi which is pretty close to the TeslaFi graph I posted. Was ~250 prior to the steep drop referencing that chart which was steady for quite a long time. HTH
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    So, not to potentially open another can of worms around this topic but I've been watching this thread for quite some time, and while I didn't notice the range limitation that others did, I did get affected by the severe reduction in Supercharger speed that is all related to this. However, I...
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    Better organization of For Sale Cars/Parts/WTB/etc

    Been a TMC member for 3+ years and in general find this site and community very useful. However, one glaring area where the site organization hasn't kept up with the pace of Tesla is the classifieds area. The Teslas for Sale, and the Parts For Sale area were fine when it was just roadsters...
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    Swapping Gen1 to Gen2 Steering Controls- wiring compatibility

    Ok so made some positive progress on this - in the event anyone runs into. this in the future here's what worked: The black module at the top of the plastic wire harness that received the black connector had two white wires that connected into the side. Unplugging those white connectors from...
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    Swapping Gen1 to Gen2 Steering Controls- wiring compatibility

    Now I can't edit the post - ugg 1) Original harness -> IMG_1313.jpeg 2) New Harness -> IMG_1318.jpeg
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    Swapping Gen1 to Gen2 Steering Controls- wiring compatibility

    Hi all- I've seen a decent number of posts about this topic but within them, haven't seen much reference to wiring compatibility and I'm running into an issue here that I'm hoping someone has. already come across and can confirm compatibility. Target Vehicle: 2013 P85 - Swapped Gen2 Steering...
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    Steering Column Stalk Swap

    Mind sharing how you changed the config?? That's the part that's held me back from doing this.
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Just had my MCU replaced - went out last week luckily since my warranty is up on 2/14! One thing I haven't seen discussed that I'd like to throw out there - for those of us with current units or who had them replaced by the Service Center - we're still at the mercy of 8 Gig cards. Has anyone...
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    Charlotte NC Supercharger

    FYI for anyone traveling through this weekend. Both 3B and 4A would not work for several folks today. Considering how busy this SC has become on a regular basis, having 2 chargers online is causing a major backup to form today.
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    Steering Column Stalk Swap

    That's awesome - thanks for posting! Any tips on the software reconfigure? Just scanned TMC and didn't come up with much - I'm sure the info is out there somewhere ;)
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    RIP #994

    Well - it's up on eBay: 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport | eBay Removing the damaged panels makes it look pretty doable - but that crack in the lower driverside windshield area is a tell tale sign, plus their "battery needs to be charged or replaced" comment makes things even more dire. Great...
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    Columbia South Carolina Supercharger

    I've stopped at this one plenty over the past 2 months or so of having my Model S... And much to my dismay tonight I pulled up and there's caution tape stringing across every stall, plus the electrical cabinets, etc. Fortunately the Nav told me it was out while I was still in Charlotte, so I...

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