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Recent content by OxBrew

  1. OxBrew

    Can I update when parked on a steep hill?

    My old neighborhood! Had my first date with my wife at Farley's in about 1994.
  2. OxBrew

    Holiday update? what can we expect?

    Auto is 100% useless to me. I leave it on high almost all winter, drop to 2 on longer trips. Even in summer I start on high and back off to 2 or 1. Need it to keep my back from seizing up. Auto shuts down so soon, I never feel it. I think some people just like to take the chill off the seat...
  3. OxBrew

    Holiday update? what can we expect?

    I don't know, ask my son's 2003 VW Jetta (TDI) with 5 clicks. It's great. Fully support. And please make the icons bigger, I'm always double tapping, the car is so freaking bouncy all winter on the snow/packed ice covered roads.
  4. OxBrew

    Holiday update? what can we expect?

    I have tons of roads like that that I drive often. I generally just hang back in the right lane, wait for a huge gap in the left lane to pass slower trucks/cars, and stay out of the chains of tailgaters. What's really funny is on long trips, I frequently see the same people passing me over and...
  5. OxBrew

    Holiday update? what can we expect?

    To be serious for a second, following distance should be able to give us a 3 second gap, preferably up to 5 seconds if possible. Right now it's about 1.8 seconds, which is about what average drivers are comfortable with, but no where near what traffic safety engineers already know to be ideal...
  6. OxBrew

    Downloading 2022.40.4.2

    This is actually getting close to the point where Tesla might check and see if there's an issue preventing your update. Do you have a good wifi connection to the car?
  7. OxBrew

    Trunk won’t latch

    If/when you get it diagnosed/fixed please let us know what the issue/solution was. Seems to be more than normal issues with door locks on recent sw releases, I'm following along at home. Thanks.
  8. OxBrew

    Trunk won’t latch

    I imagine it can't lock if the hatch is not locking. I would actually start a roadside assistance request. They need to help you fix this right now. You can eventually get someone on the phone that way, and they might be able to help you more immediately.
  9. OxBrew

    Trunk won’t latch

    And double check that a mat or something is not blocking it. We have a Tesla cargo mat, and if it's even 1cm too far back, it prevents closing. Another cheat I do (probably not wise) is I will help the rear hatch close if it is having to push down against a bunch of puffy jackets on top of our...
  10. OxBrew

    Model Y “Ghost Body” Image In HVAC UI Is A Model 3???

    This is kind of hilarious. Showed it to the Fam yesterday in the car and we had a brief chuckle.
  11. OxBrew

    Downloading 2022.40.4.2

    Anyone with 40.4.2 take any long trips and try out AP, wipers and auto hi beams? I'm on 36.6 and they're all working great. Don't want to break it. It wants to install, but I'm ignoring it for now. MY LR 9/21 build.
  12. OxBrew

    Tesla Model Y charging concern

    I was at a busy supercharger in Canada a couple weeks ago, and it kicked me out at 80%. I was just going to go to 85. I could have kept going, but it would get a lot more expensive. Maybe that last bit from 80-100 got really expensive for you? Also, I just try not to go over 80% on a...
  13. OxBrew

    Using mobile phone to enter to Tesla Y becoming frustrating

    I almost always need to have my phone actually unlocked. Even then, sometimes I need to toggle bluetooth off/on to get it to work. This has been getting steadily worse after going to iOS 14 and 15.x. Prior to that, it worked much better. I think Apple has changed a lot about how bluetooth works...
  14. OxBrew

    Autopilot blinded, disengaged by sun on interstate

    They must be doing A-B testing or have just horrible regression bucket rigor, or something. It's insane that it can work perfectly on one SW release, on certain cars, and then fail entirely on the next one and different cars. It makes getting any sense of what's broken/fixed/working totally...
  15. OxBrew

    Autopilot blinded, disengaged by sun on interstate

    What software are y'all on? Since I went to 36.6, it's been perfect. Prior to that, it was impossible in low sun or rain. I have about 3000 miles of Highway AP on 36.6, with zero disengagements or PB events. (really, took a 2k mile road trip a couple weeks ago, plus a lot of shorter trips...

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