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    Range question

    some follow up thoughts, while a 10% degradation every year over 8 years would mean you will have 43% capacity left when warranty ends. a 5% degradationevery year over 8 years is not exceptionally good either 0.95^8 = 66% (still under the warranty) Now i know people have been claiming that the...
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    Range question

    FYI: I did find answers to my own question after a little more digging. Tesla increases range of base Model 3, bumps price up - Electrek did confirm that my car did came with 240miles range (as opposed to 250 miles) and per this thread SR+ range went from 240 miles to 250 on Tesla.com |...
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    Range question

    So! I've had my model 3 SR+ for a year now and for the first time I've charged it up to 100% today and the range shows 368km That got me curious, in most places I search (wiki, Tesla website) it states the range of a model 3 is 250miles /402km.. which would've meant my battery is at 90%, a 10%...
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    Refferal SuperCharging Credits - BC

    I was under the impression that the only last for 6 months. However, 8 monhs has passed and mine still says 1500km?! per the white papers, the "current" phase (October 1st 2019 and on) should exire in 6 months. However, there was no mention on what happens to previous phases. Old youtube...
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    Tesla 3 SR+ in BC - questions

    1. Is there 5000+3000 rebates in BC for SR+ still and what would be the final price? (As I see base price is over 55k on Tesla web site) $53xxx, tax and rebate included, assuming base everything (white color/18"wheel/no FSD) 2. Can I lease? If you did what would be the conditions? nope 3. Any...
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    Do you get loaner car when dropping off car for service at Toronto Lawrence service location?

    Not the answer you are looking for but FYI: Vancouver 4th Ave gives out rental ICE cars, all covered.
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    BC EV Charger Rebate Program $700

    Ok so I did my own digging and found out the answer myself in case anyone was wondering the same thing You are getting 50%, up to $350 rebate (assuming single family home) for Charger + Installation/Permit cost, FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND BCHydro is matching this so you get an additional 50%, up...
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    BC EV Charger Rebate Program $700

    Another question that I had is: For future proofing myself, is it better to buy a J1772 charger so that it's universal to non-tesla vehicle? I don't sepcifically need a lv 2 charger as Level 1 charging is already sufficient for our vehicle usage BUT we were thinking installing a charger could...
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    BC EV Charger Rebate Program $700

    English is my second language and i'm very tired. Can anyone explain to me about the rebate in layman terms? I see 50%, for up to $350 rebate available. Is that only for the Charger itself? or does it apply to the installation? or combined? Where does the other $350 (of the 700) come from? is...
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    Beware of this Scumbag PHEV driver, Richmond, BC

    well at least for the mobile charger, you can actually click once on the button of the charger and that will unlock. Anyhow, irrelvant to the post =P
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    [GTA] looking for one more to get Taptes Gen 2 Wireless Charging Pad for model 3 for 34.99USD

    Assuming your phone supports wireless charging,then yes, you just put your phone there and it will charge.. My wife has a iphonex with a fairly thick otterbox case and it charges just fine. My pixel 2 xl doesn't have wireless charging capabilities so it doesn't work
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    [GTA] looking for one more to get Taptes Gen 2 Wireless Charging Pad for model 3 for 34.99USD

    I believe the speed is limited by Tesla's usb port, not the wireless pad. If you supply your taptes pad with a stronger source (high power power bank or route your wires to utilize the 5v slot), I think you can get quick charge capabilities
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    [GTA] looking for one more to get Taptes Gen 2 Wireless Charging Pad for model 3 for 34.99USD

    Have you used the USB-C charging? I find the USB-C to be VERY loose for my PIxel 2XL (with a case on) the slightest movement would make it stop charging, do you have the same problem?
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    BC Incentive not available with SR+ FSD?

    It shouldn't matter, any addons are supposedly not considered the base price, talk to a tesla rep.
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    HOV OK Decal - BC

    See reply #23 and #60 of this thread

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