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Dec 9, 2016 at 11:31 PM
Sep 8, 2015

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    1. otter
      (continued) If you ever encounter a cranky AV CHAdeMO, I have found that calling the phone number posted on the charger usually will get it operating again- and you can use that phone call to provide payment information for a charge if you don't have an AV or Plugshare account set up.
      1. pdxrajiv
        Hi otter. Yes, I have used several chargers on the coast, mostly using "pay with plugshare". In other places, I have had to use blink one-time charge code, or a chargepoint card. I have also encountered charging stations where the LCD screen is unreadable due to sun damage. All this is a hassle, admittedly all minor.
        Seaside SC and now Lincoln City will eliminate such hassles on the coast.
        Jul 15, 2016
    2. otter
      OBTW: I see from your other posts that you may or may not have used the AV network much. As I'm sure you noticed, that's pretty much your only DCFC option if you ever decide to cruise 101 in Oregon. I am a Tesla rookie with only a couple of road trips so far, to Tucson and Boise. But I used AV a lot when I leased a Leaf. (next page)
    3. otter
      pdxrajiv, I have not tried it yet, but from watching the few comments on Plugshare I have previously formed the (untested) impression that the Shoreline RV Campground might be the best bet.
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