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  1. pedriscoll

    Time to pull the trigger and buy a Model S. Help me understand the pricing though please.

    You won’t regret getting the LR. I have a 2018 100D and I have smoked everyone who has challenged me at a stoplight. The only thing your LR won’t beat is a McClaren or Lamborghini. Not many of those in my neck of the woods.
  2. pedriscoll

    Why is the Model S so expensive compared to Model 3...

    I bought my first S in 2015. Placed a deposit for a 3 on the first day I could. When it came time to order in 2018, I took a test drive in a 3. A 30 minute test drive convinced me that the S is a far superior car. Smoother, faster, longer range, and much better cargo capacity. I cancelled the...
  3. pedriscoll

    We Are Considering the Purchase of a Used Model S

    It really depends on what you are looking for. The Model S is roomier and heavier than the 3. It handles well in the snow. I have an AWD and most Model S cars built after 2015 are AWD, but you could get by with a RWD. All Model S cars after the original 60’s are supercharger enabled, but only a...
  4. pedriscoll

    Poll: Is FSD Worth the Cost?

    I purchased EAP for my Model S in 2018, after having AP1 in my first S. NOA is a novelty feature to me. I hardly ever use it because I frequently don’t agree with its lane change choices. Auto lane change, auto steering, and TACC I use every day. Smart Summon is useless. So for me $4000 for...
  5. pedriscoll

    Premium connectivity

    It is clear that Tesla did a poor job of communicating how they were going to deal with connectivity. When I purchased my first Model S in 2015, I was told that free connectivity would likely be limited to a year. This was a verbal communication from sales. However it continued for as long as I...
  6. pedriscoll

    Back to the old ping pong days?

    I also have noted the ping ponging since 40.2. I am now on 40.50.1 and still have the behavior. I do like the more aggressive lane change, though. Will try the full power down reboot and see it it helps.
  7. pedriscoll

    Help latest update is stuck

    I would call Tesla service to report the issue and get advice.
  8. pedriscoll

    Model S door handle won't present

    Mine was $140 out of warranty for a failed paddle gear. This was about 2 years ago.
  9. pedriscoll

    Great service experience

    Since we have so many posts about Tesla’s deteriorating service, I thought I would post about a a good encounter. I scheduled through the app and received a confirmatory text within 1 hour. I set up an appointment to fix the front end rattle with hard acceleration issue and yellow MCU screen...
  10. pedriscoll

    Autopilot issues common?

    No, that is not normal. While there is a problem with phantom breaking, it certainly should not occur from a vehicle 400 feet in front of you. I sometimes experience it when a semi is in the lane next to me and drifts close to the edge of it’s lane. I also have thankfully rare spontaneous...
  11. pedriscoll

    Another Sudden Acceleration

    I don’t think you were jamming on the brakes while parking. I really think your situation was the same as mine. Pulling lowly into the parking space on with foot mistakenly over accelerator. I lightly pressed on the pedal to stop the car. However, since it was the accelerator the car lurched...
  12. pedriscoll

    Another Sudden Acceleration

    Sorry, but I just don’t buy your story. If your foot was lightly on the brake, and the car accelerated your natural reaction would be to mash on the brake, which would have stopped the car before hitting the wall. If however you were using one pedal driving and your foot was slightly touching...
  13. pedriscoll

    New Owner, slightly confused

    I purchased a February 2018 build 100D inventory car in September. It has EAP with NOA included.
  14. pedriscoll

    Trade In Current Car?

    A car purchase is never a good investment. I replaced a 3 year old Toyota Camry with my first Model S. Terrible choice financially but I don’t regret it for a second. The Model S is a quantum leap above a Camry or an Accord in almost all aspects. I later traded in the first S (85-D) at 3 years...
  15. pedriscoll

    "Demo" car not eligible for referral credit?

    Yes, I also bought a demo inventory car last September, and was able to refer to myself for free supercharging.

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