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    Buying a Roadster now - what to be aware of?

    Importance of Tire Replacement Choices If you need to replace tires (probably rear) shortly after acquiring a Roadster, plan out your tire strategy carefully. When I purchased my Roadster, I had to replace the rear tires to get it to pass inspection. I made the choice that I did not need...
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    WTB: Roadster 1.5 Silver Forged Wheel - rear

    Is it true that all forged wheels are side-specific? I was under the impression that while the very early wheels were specific to the side, most swirl forward (clockwise) on one side and backwards (counterclockwise) on the other side so they appear to be the same. If your wheels are...
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    potential new owner with questions

    Your idea of comparing the roadster to an MGB is a good starting point. My points of reference are a 1967 MGB and 1971 TR6 roadsters bought new vs. a 1.5 Tesla. I would say that there is more road noise in a Tesla, especially at highway speed. I use my Tesla mostly on urban freeways and...
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    WTB 2.5 Roadster parts:

    WTB 2.5 Roadster: Grill foam bumper lower arch panes (both sides) Tesla badge
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    1.5 to 2.5 nose conversion info needed

    The full nose cone of the 2.5 is made of flexible plastic rather than carbon fiber.
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    1.5 to 2.5 nose conversion info needed

    Thanks for looking. - - - Updated - - - Thanks for your input. If I make the conversion, I will keep the old parts in case of a desire to reconvert.
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    1.5 to 2.5 nose conversion info needed

    For a short time Tesla offered to convert early Roadster fronts/noses to the 2.5 nose look, but do not offer the conversion now. Has any one attempted a private conversion or have any details of what parts have to be changed (other than the bumper skin)? Are any of the other required...
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    Roadster 1.5 wiper arm broke

    The wiper arm on my 1.5 Roadster broke about 3/4 of an inch from the attachment to the shaft. The reason is completely unknown (non freezing weather). Anyone else had this happen or have any ideas? Anyone have an extra arm or know of any other cars this arm is used on?
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    Ebay - Roadster 1.5 - Vin 5YJRE11B081000301 - Salvage

    I suggested to him that he remove the lock from the bottom of the driver's door, take it to a local locksmith and have a key made. The new key should open the trunk. Would it also unlock the ignition, or is there a chip in Roadster keys? He seems to understand building wiring well, so I...
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    Crappy soft top cable broke - must be a better solution

    Here is a lead for cables VX220 VX 220 Lotus Elise Soft Top Roof Cable Adjuster | eBay Shipping about $17
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    Salvaged VIN #531 on ebay

    GM and Lotus worked together to build the Vauxhall VX220 (UK) and Opel Speedster (Germany). Although these are gasoline powered cars, some of the parts are interchangeable with the Roadster. For instance, the soft tops will fit and the wheel bolt pattern appears to be the same (5 hole vs. the...
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    Texas continues the shenanigans

    "Vehicles purchased or leased directly from the manufacturer or from an out-of-state dealer or leasing company will not be eligible. " There is a decent argument that this requirement violates the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution. The challenge will be to figure out how to...
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    Tesla Can Topple the Car-Dealer Monopoly

    There is one situation where the dealers' argument that they protect consumers is clearly wrong -- where there is a hot new model. When that happens, the dealers often really jack up the prices. When the Acura NSX first came out (with an MSRP of about $65k) one dealer quoted me $100k. If...
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    How many roadster owners active on TMC, and what type of roadster?

    I too, have a Racing Green Roadster. It is a 1.5 (#441) that I purchased when it was about 8 months old. I purchased it from a business that used it for promotional purposes for a few months and sold it on. I love it.

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