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  1. phaduman

    Gen 3 Wall Connector wont stop broadcasting SSID...

    I have a Tesla Powerwall and the gateway that is installed as part of Powerwall install always broadcasts an SSID...just FYI.
  2. phaduman

    Tesla Insurance (California)- heads up, on coverage

    Hi All, just wanted to drop a note for those of you on Tesla Insurance to login (to Tesla.com) and check your coverage, if you haven't done so in the last 3-6 months. Mine had dropped to a much lower (likely basic coverage) somehow when I was accidentally checking for something else. I called...
  3. phaduman

    Another front suspension control arm failure

    so my car got serviced. Front suspension lower right AFT arm broke. Part $205. I asked them to replace the same one on the other side too. + labor + wheel alignment: $1003. And yes, the parts were 1041575-00-B, and 1041570-00-B. I am going to continue to complain up the chain that at 4yrs old...
  4. phaduman

    Another front suspension control arm failure

    Went today to take some pics during day-time, when car is at the service center...
  5. phaduman

    2016 P100D Steering Wheel Vibration - 3rd time in service center

    for what it might be worth, I had a steering vibration in my 2016 MS when new, and eventual fix was to fix the air flow in the front fascia...at highway speeds, the wind may get caught up in the front bumper area and not escape as planned causing steering vibration. I dug up my old notes, here...
  6. phaduman

    Another front suspension control arm failure

    2016 Model S with 77K Miles...yes out of warranty :(...just experienced this today at a local trailhead in Bay Area. After a long hike, returned to car, pulled car out of parking at an angle (slight slope, not flat), and as I was about to drive forward, the front right (passenger) wheel made...
  7. phaduman

    Firmware 2020.44.25

    got the same notification for my Model3 for 44.25, installed but haven't driven out. I don't expect to get FSD Beta until Christmas at least. Just hoping it is 2020 Christmas and not 2021 Christmas :rolleyes:
  8. phaduman

    2016 Model S door handle presents but door wont open when the door handle is pulled

    the $403 was all inclusive, parts, labor & programming...The 3 parts that were used: ASY- FR LH, GEN3 DH, NOGRIP, 2.1 SVC RPL Part #: 1135718-S0-ABACK SEAL, DOOR HANDLE OUTER, LH Part #: 1008999-00-ELED ASY, DOOR HANDLE 3.0 OUTER LH Part #: 1109173-00-A The chrome outer handle piece itself...
  9. phaduman

    2016 Model S door handle presents but door wont open when the door handle is pulled

    I had my driver exterior door handle replaced for $405 (I was fearing the original costs of $1K+ that people used to pay...) glad the replace/repair costs are coming down. And yes, got Gen3 and needed reprogramming. Have the 2016 (refresh AP1) MS. Been week+ and handle working great. The mobile...
  10. phaduman

    Tesla Insurance - first use/experience (minor)

    lol - I am confused myself why I needed to file a claim - perhaps to see what to expect next time I need a real claim (hope I never have to). No-one has called me in 2+ weeks after filing the claim though (adjusters are hard to come by I guess). It was no small flat BTW, I had to spend $450 - so...
  11. phaduman

    Tesla Insurance - first use/experience (minor)

    So we have 2 Teslas under Tesla Insurance - for the last 9months or so. Great price (40% cheaper than the Allstate insurance we were on for 15+ yrs). Labor Day weekend - had a flat tire (2 nails - one of them a big screw) going on freeway about 30miles away from home (and heading out)...
  12. phaduman

    Looks like a second V10 build is rolling out

    Never received the 32.10, but received 32.11 last night on my wife's M3, w/ FSD. Has all the features that Tesla released in the press release: games, theater (netflix/youtube), caraoke, and Spotify! Amazing release. So far, all working well - wasn't expecting so many features.
  13. phaduman

    Question about Purchasing Extended Warranty

    I had previously purchased the ESA for my MS 1.0AP Facelist 75D and I am approaching the 50K miles (in 2.6yrs) and almost finalizing asking for full refund... Here is the "exclusion" list as stated in the contact, just FYI in case you haven't read it earlier. And yes, there is a $200...
  14. phaduman

    Pros and Cons of Owning a Tesla

    I explain the initial sticker shock of a EV (Tesla in particular) as: * The battery is the biggest cost of the EV. It would be similar to buying for gas for 10-15yrs upfront. In the course of ownership of 5-10yrs of your EV, you would not only recover the upfront cost, you would be saving much...
  15. phaduman

    Comparing Wi-Fi data - MS AP1 and M3 (30 days)

    I use my own product at home (Ruckus Wi-Fi) and have DPI engine in the wi-fi access points to get a bit more insight into the traffic flowing between the car and the internet. Both the cars are parked in the garage at night around the same time, and most of this traffic is during those...

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