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    6.1 better energy efficiency?

    I was 2.2.92 for about 2 weeks. I just got 2.2.115 last night, so I'll see if there is any difference.
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    6.1 better energy efficiency?

    I too have seen this drop. I drive the same route and temperatures are the same. I was in between 300-310 Wh/mi and now I'm 270-280 Wh/mi. My first thought was something was different that day....like I had driven slower, etc. A few days in now and I'm still getting lower numbers though. Works...
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    Android Wear: Hopefully Tesla Supports

    I agree, but items like the Moto 360 will continue to take off IMHO. If wear technology is to expand, it has to look like every day items. This is one reason I own and enjoy my Moto 360. It is not that it does anything "killer", but it is very stylish and gives me quick access to notifications...
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    Slacker vs Spotify

    I would recommend switching if you aren't attached to Spotify. The options are very similar and libraries about the same. Slacker has two subscription types, the one that comes with your Tesla is the a special version of the Plus subscription. I say that because normally with Plus, you can not...
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    Firmware 6.0

    Have you guys tried to toggle the regen settings and then reboot? This has worked with past upgrades that had the same regen issues.
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    Slacker Premium Playlists and Touchscreen crashes

    I too have sent emails about them enabling the premium features. I don't use custom playlists a lot, but I will try them out to see if I have the same problems. One of the things I personally would like to see is the offline mode. I'm sure there is enough HDD space to store the songs for a few...
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    Repairing Crease in Frunk

    As others have stated, many repair shops have openly admitted there is no "fix". If someone untrained in the delicate nature of closing the hood works on your car, there will be a very high likely hood of it happening again. That means car detailers, valets, even Tesla technicians themselves...
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    Maybe this is why we can't store music on the hard drive

    It would be nice if they enabled the offline mode for Slacker with that extra space. That would alleviate their liability and let us store music locally as well.
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    Repairing Crease in Frunk

    I was pretty much told the exact same thing. I have chosen not to do mine at this time for this reason. If we get the ability to "lock" the frunk or a fix actually becomes available, I would get this repair done right away. It would only make me more mad to pay to have it fixed and it happen...
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    Repairing Crease in Frunk

    My last quote was $2300. They told me they would have to repaint in order to make it seamless. I know others have had luck with dent repair specialists, but I have not had the chance to consult with one yet.
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    Repairing Crease in Frunk

    I agree as well. I would go a step further and say this shouldn't happen on a 20K car either. I certainly hope they get this worked out - - - Updated - - - Definitely a design issue. They should have worked out an automatic closing system for such a fragile hood.
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    Does Fuel Savings really make that much of a difference?

    My savings were/are huge. If you put 15K or more a year on your car, you will be saving a good amount. In addition to the fuel savings, there is no oil or other fluids to change or upkeep. Plus, I have saved a lot of time being able to ride in the HOV lane alone. I also routinely take trips...
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    Would you run 255/35R19

    Those would be low profile and the side wall pretty thin. That would be my only concern with a 19" 255 tire.
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    Frunk Dent (Frustrating...)

    He was able to do this without the need to paint?
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    Rip vin p01653

    I'm glad there were no injuries, it looks like it could have easily been worse. As for your vehicle, very sorry to hear about it. I would also agree that payout seems low. Hope they are able to get you a fair price and soon. Good luck on shopping for your new love.

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