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Recent content by PianoAl

  1. PianoAl

    Bug: Tiered Speed Limits [on Autopilot]

    Just a theory that slapping a "TRUCKS" on top of a regular speed limit sign is improper. That's the only time my car has trouble. I wonder if sign and road designers have started to think about self-seiving issues.
  2. PianoAl

    Bug: Tiered Speed Limits [on Autopilot]

    At least on the highway, it will allow you to choose the speed of the car. On a two-lane road I travel frequently, it forces the car down to 35 MPH because of the 30 MPH truck limit signs. Here's my theory: When the signs are done correctly, like this: everything is fine. But with signs like...
  3. PianoAl

    Cruise control inappropriately slamming on brakes

    This is true for me also. I wonder if there's some setting that makes a difference.
  4. PianoAl

    Flat Tire in Remote Location

    I'm glad I have my Modern Spare. They call if Death Valley for a reason. 😉
  5. PianoAl

    Car getting to ideal temperature every night at 9.43pm...

    I've found that doing scheduling from the app can fail.
  6. PianoAl

    Electric brakes? [speculation on brake by wire]

    Can someone elaborate on exactly when the physical brakes kick in vs Regen only?
  7. PianoAl

    Car getting to ideal temperature every night at 9.43pm...

    Did you set up Scheduled Departure but set the departure time to PM instead of AM?
  8. PianoAl

    Keycard required every time when trying to drive..

    In my experience, failing to recognize the phone is semi random. That is, it can fail many times in a row then start working perfectly for a while. As a result, many attribute the change to something they did, such as reinstall the app, force quit, etc. On the other hand, I do think that...
  9. PianoAl

    Scheduled charging in car does not match app

    I've documented both these problems (Android app v 4.2.0-693, car version 202136.5.1): 1. If you change the departure time in the app using the clock face, it will revert to what you started with (you must use the keyboard). 2. If you change from scheduled charging to scheduled departure via...
  10. PianoAl

    Change Schedule Via App: Fail

    Today I switched from scheduled departure to scheduled charging via the app. When I checked in the car, it was still set to scheduled departure. Pretty sure I didn't make any mistakes, but I will experiment on another day.
  11. PianoAl


    Yes, but I like the charging to finish just before departure time. I know it's overkill, but often it only has to charge 20 miles worth, so I don't like it sitting at 80 or 90 percent from 1 AM on. I do switch to scheduled charging time temporarily when I have a lot of miles to "replace."
  12. PianoAl


    I'm interested in it because occasionally, with scheduled departure, the car ends up charging before the off-peak period begins. That is, if I have a very low state of charge and I forget to adjust the charging parameters, or I calculate incorrectly, it will start charging a little before...
  13. PianoAl

    What's in your (f/t)runk... RIGHT NOW!

    Thanks. Installation relatively easy? They hold up okay (no corrosion)?
  14. PianoAl

    Stuck in 2021.32.22?

    I washed my car today and didn't do anything else, and now it's updating. I was going to try hitting Power Off, but I didn't. So: Correlation is not causation. Also, all that talk about getting into the FSD queue was off the mark. I will be more patient next time.
  15. PianoAl

    What's in your (f/t)runk... RIGHT NOW!

    What brand/size chains do you have?

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