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    FSD Beta 10.69

    Installed 10.69.2 yesterday, seems a massive step backward. Had to force dis-engage 7 times on a 10-minute drive that I could make easily on 10.12.2. Almost ran 2 stop signs, went to make a right turn at an uncontrolled intersection without significant slowdown, started jerking right to make a...
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    The success of FSD and my increase for trust in Tesla

    The ends do not justify the means, is the basic refutation. When you talk about a totalitarian state, short term technological gain because the State orders it can be evident. But without competition (and there is very little in the high tech area of Chinese development), long term strategies...
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    The success of FSD and my increase for trust in Tesla

    That's a little simplistic view. It's an authoritarian system, so of course regulatory changes can be quick, as well as infrastructure builds; the regime just orders it done with no thoughts to the effects. Technology does move faster there, but a lot of that is driven by the Chinese...
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    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    No worries... it makes sense. My thing is that the biggest reasons I would still use CarPlay over what is in the native Tesla interface are: <rant> I like using Siri for messaging while on the go. The Tesla implementation of messaging is pitiful compared to Siri commands and dictation...
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    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    I'm curious, because I gave up on the hacked model as I relied more and more on FSD Beta, I have no need of the CarPlay integrations, as I'm not really doing the navigation anymore. The only reason I would really like a better CarPlay integration is for Siri not connecting like it's a call and...
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    The success of FSD and my increase for trust in Tesla

    That is something you should really research. I can go back a long time with radar detectors and tell you how many times I got false positives from supermarket door openers and other sensor tech all over. The problem is that LIDAR contains no encoding, so there is no reliable measure that the...
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    Why CarPlay?

    In a way I agree with this, even though I am a proponent of CarPlay for the myriad of items that I cannot get from my MY. My largest issue is that the in-car voice assistant can do very little (ask it the temperature, ask it to switch inputs). I also listen to a lot of audio books and...
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    More Off-Peak Charging confusion

    Stated in the original post "...my MY" Model Y. Also, this is the Model Y Charging Forum.
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    More Off-Peak Charging confusion

    But that is exactly what I can't do. I've been doing that previously and it worked fine, but it is now 10-20 deg F outside, so I need to pre-warm the car for departure at 7:45am, but I'm always back before midnight and want to plug in, in case I want to warm the car for another trip. That is...
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    More Off-Peak Charging confusion

    So I understand how to schedule conditioning, and how to schedule charging to depart by a certain hour. It is also very clear when off-peak hours end (8am here in NY). However, how do I schedule departure charging and tell the car when off-peak STARTS? NY has a program where if I charge only...
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    Missing Drives in my Safety Score from Today... Anyone else?

    So I reset my score last night, took a drive last night and it registered, took a drive this morning and it registered, but everything after that is missing from the Safety Score (although my API dashboards show the drive). So anyone else missing about 40 miles of driving today?
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    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    I had that working with the hack as I posted originally here. Their pre-sales claim was that this is totally available, but the device has always routed everything to it's own speaker no matter how I have set it up. I've been in touch with their support via eMail, but it Is a slow, once-a-day...
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    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    I've been working with their support on trying to get the separate audio channel to work. I think it's pretty useless if it won't use the Tesla speakers and microphones.
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    FSD button is here!

    There are a bunch of articles posted about Elon's reply. Currently planned for 10.8. He said will start at top scores and then roll out counting down. No idea what that means, my Universal Translator pukes when I try to apply it to Elon tweets. :eek:
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    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    @timeshifter So far I haven't been able to dig into it. Initial pair failed, but that may be something else. I'm working on it, but will really have some time this weekend to look at it.

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