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    Why does my car hate NPR?

    It's not exactly a proper fix, but have you tried listening to your local NPR station via Tune-in? While the built in app is a bit feature light- it adds a pause button to NPR, which I often find useful.
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    M3 Tint question - windows but not roof. Any regrets?

    Agreed. I've got a 2022 and the new roof glass is so dark. You are the first to acknowledge this- I was starting to think something is wrong with mine. It should have been left to the user to deal with- I really dislike how dark it is now.
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    Tint level

    The only time I've heard this is from an installer nervous about the amount of slip solution used getting into electronics at the base of the windscreen. I'm not sure what's in there of concern, but I also know that decent shops have plenty of ways to keep liquids where they need to be and away...
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    New Model 3 - Rattling / Noise Issues

    2022 RWD here with 10k miles. I've had a rattle in my driver seatbelt adjuster for a bit now, and one in the rear passenger door. SC sorted out the belt adjuster rattle, but I'm sad to report that the rear door is actually much worse than before after they spend 2-3 hours. I'm well glad that...
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    Tint level

    Are you serious?
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    Tint question

    Did you get your car yet? I'm curious how you feel about that roof? Again, the new ones are really dark- like 5% already.
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    Tint level

    Can you please explain why my body is roasting when the sun is hitting me through the windscreen but not my ceramic tinted side windows? Same thing happens if I roll down the window and don't have the tint? Someone is missing something.
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    Tint question

    Don't ever talk to the last two shops again. Plenty of owners have rear glass tinted. To say that it *will* crack the rear glass is incorrect at best. I've read reports of owners suspecting tint caused the rear glass to crack- unless I'm mistaken, this hasn't been verified at all. What is known...
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    Window tinting

    Right, no visibility issues- with yours. What year is your 3? I wonder if you might be surprised to find that the new ones are quite dark in 2022. The guy that tinted mine suggested exactly what you say, I told him I had concerns with how dark the stock roof is. He kept assuring me that he's...
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    Rear windshield - to tint or not to tint

    FYI- the roof glass is very dark out of the factory now, dark to the extent of being nearly pitch black at night. I have 35 all around except the front, the roof looks like 5%. There is a gradient from the roof to the rear glass. My shop applied 35 to the back just where is visible in the...
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    Suntek front window tint

    I'm not certain about the quality of Suntek, though I know of a couple seemingly reputable shops using their product. Ceramic is the important part for heat rejections- which is what you should be after. I've have Xpel ceramic tint applied to all except the windscreen. I usually tint my vehicle...
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    Window tinting

    I've heard that a lot of shops don't like to tint, and even quote the entire top glass being covered due to the cost, especially the back glass. A lot of people turned off by how much the price jumps to tint it all.
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    Window tinting

    The tint on the roof in the new Model 3 is REALLY dark to start with. Like, darker than I would ever tint it. I definitely would not add more to it- apply 35 and I don't know if you. would see the sun. At stock tint, night is basically pitch black. I'm continually disappointed with this. I had...
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    Just saw your handle in a response to a post, and had to reach out. That's gotta be the best...

    Just saw your handle in a response to a post, and had to reach out. That's gotta be the best one I've seen in a long time. Made my day. Cheers. 🤜👈🏿
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    [Tesla App] View Details Freezes Android App

    FWIW, the latest version of the app, 4.6.0 fixes this. https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/tesla-motors-inc/tesla-motors/tesla-motors-4-6-0-885-release/ Credit to @muzhik

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