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  1. rcarpen22

    Stock aero covers on T Sportline 18” wheels

    I have an early M3P+ (if that’s still the designation people are using). Anyhoo, the stock 18” wheels will not fit, but I really want to run aeros. Has anyone tried putting the stock aero covers on T Sportline or other aftermarket 18s? I imagine the inner diameter of the outer lip would need...
  2. rcarpen22

    Model 3 "Buy FSD" Email

    I got the same email and wondered how gullible they think we are. I already paid thousands more for my car than the current base price. On top of that, I paid $5k for EAP. Customers today get AP for free and FSD for a total of $6k. Now, after already paying essentially what new customers pay...
  3. rcarpen22

    Current Full Driving Capability - $5k - Worth it?

    This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but despite what Elon says, they are nowhere near actual FSD. I have an S with the original autopilot and a 3 with EAP. Original autopilot is still "better." That said, if you try NOA, you'll see that AP 2.5 cannot handle simple scenarios. Every...
  4. rcarpen22

    Might be returning AWD 3 (advice request)

    That's definitely more trouble than it's worth. I'll likely end up buying some T-Sportlines. Apparently they work on the P cars. I don't need the heat if it's over 40 degrees outside, but that would never work for my wife. She has the seats on high and the heat on high about 10 months out...
  5. rcarpen22

    5% power increase

    Thanks, will check the other thread.
  6. rcarpen22

    Might be returning AWD 3 (advice request)

    Another factor is that mine is a P, so it's even a little less efficient than awd. But, the trip I was on was about 500 miles. My car is just woefully inefficient in the cold with the heat on. I think the 20s are a big drain too. I wish Tesla would make the 18" aeros to fit the Performance...
  7. rcarpen22

    5% power increase

    I got this in the latest software update. I am 99% sure it's confirmation bias, but the car feels a little quicker to me. Has anyone received this update and subsequently visited a drag strip? Any difference?
  8. rcarpen22

    Might be returning AWD 3 (advice request)

    My conclusion (without having read every post) is that, in general cold natured people should not buy Teslas. If he cranks the heat in the winter, range will be significantly reduced. Like cut in half. I averaged 250 Wh/mi yesterday coming home fro work in 50 degree temps with the climate...
  9. rcarpen22

    Home charging at 5 mi/hr (120 v)

    I used 6-AWG for my NEMA 14-50. I actually tried to charge my car at my grandfather's shop on his welding circuit (NEMA 6-50 with 10 gauge wire) and it tripped the breaker. But, yeah, if you keep the current down to 20 amps, that would work. What kind of charge rate do you get off of a NEMA 6-20?
  10. rcarpen22

    Yes!!! Enhanced summon is on its way.....

    We're going to have to agree to disagree on this. There have been instances of damage resulting from autopark. Hitting another car at 2mph will cause damage, especially if the contact is to any sheet metal. That said, if insurance companies are covering it, then that's the answer.
  11. rcarpen22

    Home charging at 5 mi/hr (120 v)

    I installed the wiring in my garage. I have one dedicated NEMA 14-50 for the S and just charge the P3D on 120v. My outlets are run in series and are protected by a GFCI outlet at the beginning of the series. Been charging that way for 6 months with no issues. Also, earlier it looked like...
  12. rcarpen22

    Yes!!! Enhanced summon is on its way.....

    So, every time there is an accident, Tesla reminds us that the driver is still responsible. What happens when one of these things crashes in a parking lot while being summoned? I mean, I know what happens. Tesla will say it's the owner's responsibility to monitor and remotely stop the car...
  13. rcarpen22

    P3D+ @ VIR (Virginia International Raceway) HPDE

    If you look at that map on Car and Driver, where the Grand Course turns back into the infield in the middle of the back straight (at the corner labeled "bitch"), the normal "full course" just goes straight to roller coaster. So the back straight is actually straight until you hit roller...
  14. rcarpen22

    P3D+ @ VIR (Virginia International Raceway) HPDE

    Awesome!! I saw you there and wanted to come find you and chat. I drive a P3D as a daily, but run a Porsche 944 in ST6. That is a fantastic time and takes some fortitude to do that in a car with no cage. I will eagerly seek out your build thread and peruse. Best of luck out there and I hope...
  15. rcarpen22

    Saw a black Model 3 Performance at the track

    Thanks! I did a search, but I'm old and the internets are hard...

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