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    False Positive Automatic Emergency Braking at 80mph

    I would report this incident and send video to the NHTSA since Tesla has been under investigation for odd braking behavior.
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    Use Scheduled Departure to Have Less Time at High SOC?

    How are you measuring battery degradation over time? Simply using the stated vehicle range on the screen based on SOC of 100% would not be an accurate metric. Seems to me you would need to actually drive the car from 100% to 0% SOC and see how far it goes and perform this test repeatedly at...
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    Use Scheduled Departure to Have Less Time at High SOC?

    Is there any valid battery science that can inform this discussion or do we just muddle along digesting anecdotal voodoo which is so prevalent sometimes on these forums?
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    My Supercharging experience... Is this right?

    Using the recommended SC stops based on Tesla navigation will likely result in fewer stops but longer charge times in my road trip experience. Definitely not the most efficient use of time. My next long trip, I plan to use ABRP and enter the recommended SC stops manually into Tesla navigation...
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    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    The only things you get by trading for a Performance Y is 0.5 secs faster going 0-60, larger tires, beefier brakes ( hardly used anyway), track mode, and a rear spoiler. Yes the ride will likely be a bit stiffer and not as smooth esp with the larger wheels. Does your wife really care about the...
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    A/C settings

    First to come to mind is to make sure you link the driver and passenger temp together by turning off “split” in climate controls. Secondly, and I’m not 100% sure, but the passenger vent may only be active when you have a passenger. Does perusing the owner’s manual address your question as well?
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    PPF [satire]

    Back in the day, folks used to encase their upholstered furniture is in clear plastic coverings. I’ll bet the OP doesn’t think twice about getting a screen protector for your phone!
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    Air condition controls

    If you feel the climate controls are superior in the Mazda or Leaf, then by all means drive those vehicles. Admittedly there is a bit of a learning curve to using the Tesla climate controls most efficiently. My beef is the amount of fan noise in the cabin and frequently adjusting the fan speed...
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    "Text Wife" voice command not working

    Try a different wife!
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    Model 3: Rattling rear deck

    I, too, have been plagued by this squeaky/rattling noise coming from the right rear of my 2022 M3 LR. Sounds to me like the crackling from a fire or the distant popcorn popping is the best way to describe it. At first, I thought it may be the seats rubbing together or against the rear door and...
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    Model Y rear seat rattles

    Where does one get these clips to install for squeaky rear seats? Right now I’m stuffing microfiber cloth between seats. Seems to be helping.
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    40 mi commute, office charger debate

    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. It’s an 80 mile commute for heaven’s sake. Charge at home in the evening to 80-90% and you are more than good to go. No need to charge at work unless you need to feel special.
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    Autopilot causes an accident. What now?

    I’ve never experienced death before but I still carry life insurance.
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    Mobile Charger no longer included

    Competition? Sure, you only need to observe and experience the airline industry. All that competition and they still all charge the customer fees up the yang, provide lousy service and the food is barely edible on a good flight. They do this because the demand far exceeds supply and the...

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