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  1. rjdunn

    Grid export limited code update

    I haven’t posted here in a while, too many other irons in the fire...but I thought I’d report on an update in my configuration (6.09 kWp, one Powerwall). My utility (a co-op) is a buy-all sell-all when it comes to solar. They want me to give them all of my production or none...if I happened to...
  2. rjdunn

    Need Advice in South Florida - go with Tesla or local company for Solar/Powerwall system?

    I would echo the advice on this thread to get a local installer who is going to be around to support your system and is responsive. My installers answer emails quickly, they’ve given me their cell numbers, and are genuinely concerned with customer service. The company I used is North Carolina...
  3. rjdunn


    I’ll echo much of what’s been said, that it’s the backup capability and self consumption ability that make it worthwhile to me. My utility does not offer net metering, and is a “Buy-all/Sell-all” so solar is really uneconomical. The Powerwall (I have a single PW) makes it possible for me to use...
  4. rjdunn

    [Resolved on Day 15] New Solar/PW only ran for 5 days - TESLA completely non-responsive

    Forgot to add that my old SE inverter was installed in April 2018, so it ran 13 months before it died. The timeline is consistent with the Reddit link earlier in this thread.
  5. rjdunn

    [Resolved on Day 15] New Solar/PW only ran for 5 days - TESLA completely non-responsive

    I had a SolarEdge 6000HD die with a 18xBC code at the beginning of June. Mine was similar to the model here with the display and 4 buttons. My installers responded immediately to my call, had SolarEdge remote in, and confirm a dead box, all within 15 minutes of me noticing the issue, and SE...
  6. rjdunn

    Storm Watch - another year, another hurricane, more questions

    Lee, the reason I do it the way I do is my utility (a rural coop). We don’t have net metering, and it’s either a buy-all/sell-all, or full self consumption. They get antsy if I export more than a deminimus amount. So, I knew Tuesday would be sunny, therefore I wanted to absorb excess solar into...
  7. rjdunn

    Storm Watch - another year, another hurricane, more questions

    I’m sitting here tonight while Hurricane Dorian is churning up the NC coast, about 60 miles or so from my house. It should pass by overnight, about 20 miles offshore. I currently have grid power, Storm Watch is enabled and active, and the Powerwall reads 99%. However, it wasn’t easy getting...
  8. rjdunn

    Slow charging when Powerwall cold, apparently normal

    This is really just an FYI, I didn’t see anything about this issue here, apologies if I missed it. We live at the NC coast, and while we have 4 seasons, it doesn’t often get really cold here. Today, with a high of 32F after a low of about 20F, is very unusual. So, about noon today, my house...
  9. rjdunn

    Storm watch active...

    So, I started this thread, and I can confirm that we’ve had no storms at my locale that have risen to the Stormwatch threshold since the hurricane in September...fortunately! -Joel
  10. rjdunn

    clueless to power outage

    I just noticed the screenshot I posted was from version 3.7.0 from my iPad; I have 3.8.0 on my iPhone and it looks the same
  11. rjdunn

    clueless to power outage

    I have a Powerwall and that’s my only Tesla product. Running iOS 12.x, Tesla app 3.8.0. I do have a notifications option. I don’t think it’s always quick to send the notification, however. My last outage was on 11/5 and I don’t recall the alert.
  12. rjdunn

    Daily power loss, restart after extended grid outage with PW off?

    Interesting thought. That might be the way to go for an outage like a hurricane where we know we have 3-4 days with no sun. However, not sure I want another hurricane to test this out! ;-) -Joel
  13. rjdunn

    Firmware 1.23

    My bad...searched in the forum but didn’t find it for some reason...
  14. rjdunn

    Daily power loss, restart after extended grid outage with PW off?

    That was what I was expecting. Still not sure why mine didn’t start back. Thanks for the data point... -Joel
  15. rjdunn

    Firmware 1.24.0? A busy day...2 updates...

    I started today at firmware 1.21.1, then went to 1.23.0, and now am at 1.24.0... Hmmmm.... -Joel

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