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    Anyone else being forced to cancel long-pending MY reservation?

    I have a $2500 reservation from July 2019 and just received an email that they were canceling my order on April 20th.
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    Mach-E review from Model 3 SR+ owner...

    Insult? Nowhere did I express insult. That‘s your mischaracterization. I’m simply surprised and curious at his very inconsistent behavior of yearning for a Tesla for eight years, repeatedly declaring his intention to buy one, and suddenly doing a 180 and buying an EV that seems likely to offer...
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    Mach-E review from Model 3 SR+ owner...

    I have a family member who has admired my Tesla every time I traveled to his home town. For years now, it's been "Tesla is great! I want a Tesla one day." I just heard through the family grapevine that he has put in a reservation, but not for a Tesla. For a MachE. WTF? I need to corner this guy...
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    Cold weather stopping all charging... Not sure how to deal with this.

    We bought an inventory P85 and later discovered that the car had been wrecked and repaired while it was a service loaner. Apparently, that information had been lost by the time the car was listed for inventory sale so the previous wreck wasn't disclosed to us when we bought it. We learned about...
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    Cold weather stopping all charging... Not sure how to deal with this.

    Yes, this is a March 2015 build of a P85. Does it have the manual release? Time passes... No, mine is different. I have the same cover on the backside of the chargeport assembly but the switch shown in the video is not present. (My P85 is a unicorn. It was a Tesla rebuild, produced a few...
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    Cold weather stopping all charging... Not sure how to deal with this.

    Resurrecting this thread to see if there are suggestions for our situation: Our S is in the driveway and is displaying a red charging ring. We can't get the car to release the charging cable. We've been subjected to rolling blackouts since Monday; however, our power is on now and has been since...
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    Why are people waiting at Costco gas stations instead of buying Teslas?

    The office complex where i worked (pre-COVID) had a gasoline delivery service. Their prices were within a few cents per gallon of the neighboring gas stations but with the benefit that people could order a fill-up via the mobile app, designate where their car was parked, and the truck would show...
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    Nitrogen Question?

    This issue has been hashed and rehashed here on the forum seemingly forever, so a while back I researched and found a white paper and a letter on the subject of effusion and permeation as it relates to O2 vs N2 in tires. The short answer is that if the two are completely dry, there's no...
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    Hello from (nearby) Zürich

    Welcome! I learned a great deal on this forum prior to purchasing my first Tesla. Be aware; however, that car forums tend to attract more complaints than praise because those without problems are too busy enjoying their Teslas to write about their happy experiences. So, don’t be misled by the...
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    Best setup for two tesla charging

    I put in two wall chargers, sharing a 100 amp circuit (our S can charge at 80 amps). We like the robustness of the wall units, the longer cables, the aesthetics, and leaving our mobile chargers in the car all the time. The 14-50 on the bottom is what we used in the beginning, before I installed...
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    Heated Steering Wheel

    I would pay to retrofit my 3's steering wheel with a heated one. I think $500 would be fair but if they offer it the price will probably be double that.
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    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    Tesla's notice mentions reimbursement but does that mean reimbursement only for money paid to Tesla for this repair? What happens for people who pulled the MCU themselves and paid a third party to clone their eMMC chip to a larger one? I wouldn't mind getting my $$$ back for that.
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    Guns, Gun Control Quarantine

    My only concern about this particular mounting is that I prefer to have the trigger guard enclosed by whatever holster or mount that I use. That way, nothing will snag on the trigger, like an article of clothing or a shopping bag being maneuvered around. That’s just my preference.
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    Procedure for windshield replacement?

    I definitely need to do that first. I was just looking for an idea of the process before I kick things off. I’ll have to get the windshield re-tinted again, too.
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    Procedure for windshield replacement?

    I need to have my 3’s windshield replaced due to a rock impact. Do I initiate that with a Tesla service appointment and Tesla arranges for a glass company to come to the service center or do I arrange for the glass company and then deal with Tesla separately so that Tesla can reattach the...

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