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  1. Rshephorse

    Tesla MY haters on the highways

    That's the problem with cool cars- they're Asshole Magnets! I have an aircooled Porsche and interstate travel can really be a hassle. For every wide-eyed 8 year old who thinks your car is cool, there is a knucklehead out there in an ICE waiting for you...
  2. Rshephorse

    Car shut down in Autopilot/Autosteer, had to get out of vehicle to restart.

    On the interstate, using autosteer/autopilot, even though I had my hand on the wheel I occasionally had to wiggle the wheel a bit extra when I got a warning. Then I get a series of warnings- 'Reduced Power', 'Shutting down', car undriveable, a little bit of a shudder when I tried to accelerate...
  3. Rshephorse

    For those on the fence with PPF

    So, what happens if you put PPF over paint that has a year's worth of damage without 'paint correction'?
  4. Rshephorse

    Door leaks, stuck "open"

    I've heard where water goes in between the panels and gets into the wire bundle where it goes from the body of the car into the door- just enough to trigger the car into thinking it's being opened...
  5. Rshephorse

    Tesla only vehicle

    I though everyone had EV's down there already!? -golf carts!
  6. Rshephorse

    Voice choices in MY

    You CAN change it- to another language...
  7. Rshephorse

    Camping Locked Out

    I do some winter camping and am at isolated trailheads sometimes... this is why I have taped a keycard to the outside of the car, though it would be a pain to get to the keycard, I figure it might save my life at some point! Also consider getting a tesla-able rfid ring to wear when camping.
  8. Rshephorse

    No visitation on screen

    bike rack? bumper sticker over sensor?
  9. Rshephorse

    Road Trip: Stowing bike inside / both wheels off?

    With two people - we put the bikes in the care if we're driving over 100 miles- it saves us from the 8% loss on range when on the interstate. With four people.... I'd use the rack! I haven't done it, but I wonder, depending on your rack, if you could put bikes on the rack but with wheels off so...
  10. Rshephorse

    Drive.State.Power Codes (1,11,21,4,-9)?

    You are right, - the average person won't comprehend what's going on... my main concern is that a naïve person wandering into using a hacked api to allow access to their car will get into trouble It is a lot more risky given the liklihood that there will be ongoing efforts to hack into tesla...
  11. Rshephorse

    Multiple screen lines

    I had to check- turns out I have those lines in low light as well, I really didn't notice them because I kind of expect low light video images to be noisy and have artefact... Now, if my Nikon D6 did this I'd be ripped! And, to some degree even a $5K camera will do this if you bump the ISO up...
  12. Rshephorse

    Ear pain/Pressure help

    While I was able to fix hatch buffeting by adjusting stoppers- find the sweet point between buffeting vs leak/latch malfunction. Found an easier fix though- leverage the great stereo: play this loud while driving!
  13. Rshephorse

    Trailer hitch lock

    My 1Up trailer lock works OK, I just have to put it in from the passenger side and slide the 'lock' onto it from the drivers side, you can even slide the pin into the lock as you put the pin through, plenty of room for me on the drivers side. [Factory Hitch] And,,,,, I see that the lock on 1Up...
  14. Rshephorse

    Model Y Shuddering on Steep Downhill

    Not enough hysteresis on regeneration and you get an oscillation. also putting in a plug for ScanMyTesla - gives you tons of information. What would be interesting here is what is happening to the cars determination of "MaxRegen" - the maximum allowed regeneration- it kind of goes crazy and...
  15. Rshephorse

    Supercharging kills Model Y A/C

    Probably an error code or out of range reading from sensor getting triggered, that blocks HVAC. There was a similar thing this past winter which led to no heat. Doing a hard reset might get your AC back sooner, but you would have to wait long enough after charging for things to cool back down...

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