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    Openstreetmaps and FSD

    Is there a STOP sign on Pleasant Street to indicate that a car approaching the intersection should stop? Granted, I agree that common sense would dictate that Mammoth Rd should have the right away and Pleasant Street should have an implied stop, but without a sign or map data that tags the...
  2. RTPEV

    Just me losing phone connection

    I've noticed the same recently. Initially I had many "phone as key" issues (similar 2018 vehicle as you, and same "phone as key" problems as you for the first 6-12 months). But then--I think it was with a particular app update that had the persistent notifications to keep it "awake" (although...
  3. RTPEV

    Connectivity -- can you purchase this for a limited period of time, for like a trip?

    Before you pull the trigger on this, keep in mind that Premium Connectivity does not offer you a WiFi hotspot like many other cars do. It just lets the car access the cell signal for its own use (music streaming, etc.)
  4. RTPEV

    Short Wait

    I saw that on the last trip I was on as well, so yes, it seems like a fairly new feature. I wouldn't read too much into if/what data they are using to determine this. I suspect it's a fairly generic message and at best determined simply by the number of cars they saw recently charging or...
  5. RTPEV

    Use Plugshare while driving Tesla?

    Generally there are two use models for driving to charging stations. First, when you are on a long distance trip and you want to automatically route to fastchargers (Superchargers) en route. The car's nav system, or a tool like abetterrouteplanner.com can do this (and in the latter case, the...
  6. RTPEV

    Anyone using a third party 40-amp wall charger (plugin to NEMA 14-50)?

    I'm using a homebuilt J1772 Hydra EVSE (30A max) that I've had since we used to have two LEAFs in the household. Even though we now have two long(ish) range vehicles in the family now (the second one is an ID.4), the 30A feed is plenty sufficient, and we rarely plug in our cars on the same...
  7. RTPEV

    New MY first road trip: Supercharger ?s

    Those that never had the pleasure of driving a first-gen Nissan LEAF will probably never understand the pure luxury of a long range Tesla with "only" 6% battery remaining. That is almost 20 miles of range, or about 50% of my original LEAF's winter-time range before I finally traded it in!
  8. RTPEV

    New MY first road trip: Supercharger ?s

    It's almost certainly not your battery, but rather an extreme lack of calibration data available to it. I gather you just recently provided access, and maybe you haven't even had a chance to take a drive with it active, much less a highway drive which will likely give better efficiency than...
  9. RTPEV

    New MY first road trip: Supercharger ?s

    10% SOC safety margin is usually sufficient, but I get it that as a new owner you may not be comfortable with that, so for your first trip (or your first leg of the trip anyway), set it higher until you get more confident in its ability to predict arrival SOC. This is a personal decision, but I...
  10. RTPEV

    What's this yellow "download" icon?

    BTW, if you click it, it will tell you exactly what it is (and what others have basically said)--that it indicates a software update is available and to connect to WiFi to download it. No need to consult the manual or anything.
  11. RTPEV

    Accidental disconnect wouldn't let me finish charging to 90%

    Additionally, the definition of "busy" is 50% occupied (at least at V2 Superchargers--I don't know if the same applies at V3 Superchargers). Why so low? Because of the charge sharing that happens at pre-V3 Superchargers. When you are charging at one of these Superchargers, you are likely...
  12. RTPEV

    Tesla 3rd Party DC Chargers

    It's admirable to want to host your own DC fast charger, but "going it alone" on a "quantity one" basis is probably not economically feasible from both an equipment cost and possibly an operational cost point of view. Of course every situation is different, but not only would there be a...
  13. RTPEV

    Supercharger - Colfax, NC

    Not really anything to add to @BrownOuttaSpec 's report, except I stopped by to investigate on Sunday as well and everything was still as described: meter is powered up; everything looks to be in good shape; no visible construction or anything in the area; but definitely no power to the pedestals.
  14. RTPEV

    Camera Replacing Radar [when will tesla vision be activated on cars with radar?]

    Got it. I guess I missed the point that we weren't talking about FSD and only AP/EAP. I agree with what you're saying for HW 2.5 systems. Those systems obviously will have a separate "codebase" that will likely not see the same level of development as the HW3 stack which will be driving...
  15. RTPEV

    Decaying Level 2 public charging infrastructure

    I think you're right on...many free chargers were put in as a result of an initial push back when the LEAF and Volt came out and there were all kinds of grants available to put in charging stations. Unfortunately they were not usually sited very wisely, and the hosts for the most part have had...

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