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    FSD Production release with current camera hardware?

    I know it’s not possible without me vomiting everywhere.
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    FSD Beta Pulls Out Cutting Off Cars

    I do not believe HW3 is capable of making this truly comfortable — it’s always a nail biter for me, with hands firmly on the wheel and foot hovering over the brake. HW4 will almost certainly solve. The car needs better views of what’s coming a LONG way down the road when turning from a side...
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    I am so desperate for an FSD update at this point that I just mistook a bit of slow (yellow) traffic near the top of the map for the update available icon.
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    Bizarre AP experience today

    Yes! Exactly like the second one where it “wobbled” before crossing the yellow. Definitely freaked me out.
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    Bizarre AP experience today

    In 60K miles of driving across two Teslas, I had something happen on AP today that I’ve never heard experienced before. Was on a two-lane highway at 55mph, no traffic in either direction, clear sunny weather facing away from the sun. Suddenly I get a couple rapid pulses on the brake - brake...
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    Does the dashcam viewer work on MCU3?

    When the viewer was first released, it worked pretty well for me, but I haven’t successfully used it in many months - it just pulls up a black screen. Using a Samsung T5. Have reformatted it countless times, no help. I suspect it has something to do with MCU2 performance, because if I leave the...
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    FSD Beta 10.12

    Noticed this too! Major bummer.
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    Losing my mind over the random slowdowns

    FSD beta, although I get the sense from comments that most of the slowdown concerns are coming from Vision owners, FSD beta or otherwise. Maybe I’m off base on that, though? I remember in the early days of my 2019 Model 3, phantom braking was rough with underpasses, but that got resolved ages ago.
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    Losing my mind over the random slowdowns

    Interesting - will do that! I’ve only recalibrated once, when my left repeater was replaced. Worth a shot.
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    Losing my mind over the random slowdowns

    That’s fair, but Vision isn’t opt-out for anyone buying now… and I can’t imagine I’m the only one who would just like basic cruise for those moments when they don’t want to beta test. Now, the counter argument is that Tesla is making money hand over fist and can’t keep up with demand, so why...
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    Losing my mind over the random slowdowns

    My point is less about “I wish I could get rid of my Tesla and get into another car” and more about: wouldn’t it be nice if they’d enable basic cruise control as a way to sidestep the Vision growing pains? Considering the code already exists for this - again, look at early Model 3s as a proof...
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    Losing my mind over the random slowdowns

    To be honest, I don’t really care anymore how Tesla’s TACC performs compared to other systems - I just want basic cruise control! Problem solved. That would be enough to bring the car up to a baseline level of functionality where I’d be happy to give Tesla many more years to make Tesla Vision...
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    Losing my mind over the random slowdowns

    I've tolerated the random slowdowns and occasional false AEB since I joined the FSD beta and Tesla stopped using my radar, but then I drove 700 miles this weekend, mostly on two-lane highways. Oh my god. Toward the end of this trip, I started cracking. I started dreaming of installing an...
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    FSD Beta 10.11

    Only took 10.11.2 out for a quick drive so far, but the way I’d describe it is: smoother, but when it screws up, it seems to do so with more misplaced confidence than before. I had it swerve into a bike lane and stay there, had to cancel. Strangely, I also had it make a wrong turn at two...
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    Missing Tidal mixes

    I’m noticing that my Daily Discovery and New Arrivals mixes don’t show up in the Tesla Tidal UI, but I’m also on FSD 10.10.2, which is based on a prehistoric build. Can anyone on a 2022 build with a Tidal subscription tell me if those mixes show up for you?

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