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  1. RyanDe

    Hit a curb right under the doors, on the skirt? Thoughts on costs to fix?

    Not even sure what this area is called to get an estimate. Has anyone done anything similar, any ballparks on cost and where I should go (any old bodyshop to tesla certified)?
  2. RyanDe

    Charging doesn't start after being plugged in after last update

    Only started having this issue after the last update. Last night I got home with 52%, plugged it in like usual, it "clicked" as usual and this morning it's still at 52%. It will be plugged in and not actually start charging, I've noticed a couple times that if I turn the climate on it will just...
  3. RyanDe

    Enhanced Summon, NoA with no stalk confirmation

    Oh boy, this is going to be good. As someone who has seen this in action this won't end well.
  4. RyanDe

    Severe problem with Auto Lane Changes

    Funny, this morning it was all over the place and the only thing that has changed is the sun because of DST. The reflections and shadows are much more intense now and it doesn't like that I guess.
  5. RyanDe

    Don't buy FSD for $2k more. [from 2019 - FSD upgrade not available for 2k at this time]

    I love this much. There are so many people defending their decision to purchase a very expensive future software update that nobody knows what will be in it or when it will come. All we have is a few tweets from Elon who has been known to be very optimistic about what can be done with the...
  6. RyanDe

    Don't buy FSD for $2k more. [from 2019 - FSD upgrade not available for 2k at this time]

    Right, in my professional opinion based off my experience both in software/hardware and using the existing product tells me what they have installed on the cars is not enough. The professional opinion of many many smart people in the autonomous vehicle space (Every single company one except...
  7. RyanDe

    Don't buy FSD for $2k more. [from 2019 - FSD upgrade not available for 2k at this time]

    I'm betting I'll want a new car before FSD is even close to be usable(5-7 years), thus, purchasing it even at $2k seems like a waste. Everyone has different needs, I for one have no trust that the car will stop for lights or signs 100% of the time and if it's not 100%, I won't use it. After...
  8. RyanDe

    Don't buy FSD for $2k more. [from 2019 - FSD upgrade not available for 2k at this time]

    Why they would probably have a class action law suit on their hands if they failed to go through with this what you're missing, and what most people are missing is there is NO definition of what FSD is. So, there is absolutely nothing stopping Tesla coming out tomorrow and saying FSD is here...
  9. RyanDe

    Reduced price Autopilot & FSD for existing owners announced March 1st

    Has there ever been a tweet or documents showing what system "not paying attention" would be under? I don't want FSD but I'm worried that when they finally release updates that allow you to not keep your hands on the wheel on the highway it will be part of FSD and I'll be pissed.
  10. RyanDe

    Smart summon liability?

    You would think, I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. ;-) It will have its use case, yours might be the best one, but for 95% of the other people it will be a parlor trick to show friends which is a shame.
  11. RyanDe

    Smart summon liability?

    It doesn't require it which is why I think it's a bad idea to release this. I picture some idiot standing in line paying for something and trying to have it pick them up in the front of the store. Most people won't do this but it only takes a few idiots, and they exist as shown by the various...
  12. RyanDe

    Smart summon liability?

    I've provided feedback. Oh, and it can navigate a parking lot as long as it's empty or you don't mind waiting 45 minutes while it stops when the wind blows. Think about this. There are no lane markers in parking lots. Picture your car pulling out of the spot and trying to drive to get you and...
  13. RyanDe

    Smart summon liability?

    That's accurate. But, they don't show it...because, it doesn't work well.
  14. RyanDe

    Smart summon liability?

    That's why I said, normal. ;-) So, IF it finds a spot it's SLOW as hell...it's much faster, unless you really don't like parking to just do it yourself. Every time I've tried I feel like a fool waiting for it.
  15. RyanDe

    Smart summon liability?

    This is the problem, they will release it it will just suck...so, why bother? Just like autopark and summon now they're cool on paper and to maybe show off but are not actually practical for normal people to use.

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