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Recent content by schan1w

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    Experience with fixing roof leaks

    I had a new roof installed and then solar. Big leak after the solar install happened. I called and they came the same day and spend 3 hours fixing it. One of the installers didn't patch a pilot hole that was drilled. A painter came a week later to paint my ceiling where the water dripped...
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    Gateway to Backup Subpanel connection

    Ah, bingo. Cost savings. Thanks for clarifying! Did a little digging, the 200A breaker is $325 and the 125A breaker is $100 on Amazon. I was wrong about the material costs being under $100. The cost difference between 1 and 3/0 wire is about $3 per foot. Maybe 10 feet per wire, or about...
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    Gateway to Backup Subpanel connection

    I agree. I'm not sure why the design uses a backfed breaker instead of a main breaker. The panel does support 200A backfed 4 position breaker. It's a HOM2040L225PRB. The breaker they are using is HOM2125. There is a 200A version that's 4 position backfed. They are using a HOM4RK2HA...
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    Gateway to Backup Subpanel connection

    I do know the model of everything and am considering upgrading in the future if Tesla doesn't fix it. The 225A backup subpanel is being backfeeed by a 125A breaker from the Gateway 2. It should be backfeed by a 200A breaker. Just the wires and breaker need to be changed. The cost difference...
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    Gateway to Backup Subpanel connection

    The panel and breakers are all specified in the drawings and plans. Those are submitted with the permit application also. I believe that's a requirement to specify the brand / model of panel and breakers. So I know exactly which panel and breakers they are using as well as wire sizing.
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    Gateway to Backup Subpanel connection

    Tesla is installing a 12KW system with 1 PW+ and 1 PW. These are feeding a Gateway 2 via 50A and 30A breakers, along with 125A from my main panel. My main panel is an old Square D 200A panel that supports only 3 circuits, with 1 circuit at a max of 125A. I currently have 3 circuits on my main...
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    How long between inspection and PTO? [various areas]

    where do you live? I was told by my city that in the backup switch is only being approved by permitting authorities in areas of high fire danger. many cities agreed not to approve permits with backup switch for now since the pilot program with PG&E is only in high fire areas. tesla...
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    'whole home backup' confusion

    If the gateway is rated for 200A, how can it be feed by 200A from the grid and 50A X 2 for the powerwalls/solar (300A total)?
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    Does Tesla cap solar production in self consumption mode

    I'm curious about this also. I have the same design. How can 1 powerwall+ support a 12KW array? Someone correct me, but isn't the powerwall+ inverter only capable of converting 7.6KW fo AC power?
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    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    Hi mje123 - how were you able to verify with PG&E? My city is refusing to issue a permit for my work to proceed because they say PG&E has not approved the backup switch.
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    'whole home backup' confusion

    It's crazy they put 100A source into the gateway on a home with a 200A main panel service. The gateway 2 supports 200A source input, 200A output to the backup panel, and the optional internal panel board can support 200A with 6 spaces with 125A breaker in each spot. The only reason I can think...
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    Any experience getting Tesla to "confirm" adding circuits to whole-home backup?

    Will do! Unfortunately, I'm still stuck in permit approval. My city won't approve the backup switch because they say PG&E hasn't approved it. I may want to wait a month or two to see what happens. I hate the look of the gateway and extra panels w/o the backup switch. It will make my house...
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    Any experience getting Tesla to "confirm" adding circuits to whole-home backup?

    Just ask for Tesla's load calculation submitted with the original permit for the install of the BLC. That's what I plan to do. Then when you want to add a circuit, confirm the added circuits still meets the load limits of NEC 220 based on original load calculation + added circuit. You can...
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    Any experience getting Tesla to "confirm" adding circuits to whole-home backup?

    Maybe I'm in the minority here, but what's so hard about adding a 50A circuit to the BLC for an EV that will most likely be only running at night and you can put a smart charger that can throttle the current draw if needed.
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    Any experience getting Tesla to "confirm" adding circuits to whole-home backup?

    I am not an electrician, but am installing pretty much the same system as you with Tesla right now. In the docs, it says why each warning label is present. For that label, it says "Per NEC Code 220". I believe this is a max load calculation. Adding circuits or a subpanel should be OK as long...

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